SALT LAKE CITY – Last Tuesday, March 17, Brad Bonham, CEO of Walker Edison, sent out a letter outlining what the Utah based eCommerce furniture company was doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In it was a call for nominations for those whose budgets were tight, but in need of a desk to successfully work and teach their kids remotely.
Since Tuesday, the post has been shared hundreds of times and the company has been flooded with email responses from across the nation. As a result, Walker Edison donated over 500 desks to individuals and families! **UPDATE: Walker Edison has now donated 750 desks** (our inventory limit has been reached and we will not be sending out any more beyond that)
Bonham commented, “Extending a hand to those that need is at the very core of what we do at Walker Edison. Please join us during this difficult time in lifting others by helping those in need. Let’s stay positive, safe, and healthy as we confront this as a worldwide family. We will survive this, together.”

About Walker Edison:
Established in 2006, Walker Edison quickly became a leading partner and a drop-ship solution for the biggest names in e-commerce. We are a data centric organization that is committed to deliver more than just innovative furniture - we are committed to help our customers Live Outside the Box™. Walker Edison is a global organization with operations in Brazil, Asia, the UK and Germany. To learn more visit walkeredison.com