How to Incorporate Maximalism Into Your Home (Without Going Overboard)

For the last century, the interior design world has focused on minimalistic decorating. In response, maximalism has swung back as nearly the exact opposite. Maximalism includes filling your home with busy textures, happy color, and art that speaks to you. At first, the trend may seem a little overwhelming, but here are some easy ways to implement it into your home:

Gallery Wall

The more artwork you can cover the walls with, the better. But remember, maximalism isn’t just about choosing random decorations for the fun of it. You should find pieces you actually love that will show people your personality. So, do some digging, find some photos and prints that make you happy, and hang them all over!


The more color the better; the walls, furniture, even the floor can all have their own colors and patterns. If you live in an apartment without the ability to paint the walls, choose some fun wallpaper for an accent wall and go to town! Just remember to keep all of the color very warm and welcoming. That way, the room will feel coordinated instead of random. If you are feeling unsure, choose one bright shade and thread it through the room to pull all the decor together.

Keep it Comfortable

Fill your couch with a million accent pillows. Choose upholstered, padded furniture. Creating a cozy atmosphere is essential if you want to conquer the maximalism trend. Layer rugs for an extra warm touch in the living room or bedroom.

Knick Knacks

Its all about the details. Stack books anywhere there is an open space along with plants, souvenirs, and other unexpected treasures. Maximalism is all about catching the eye with visually exciting patterns and objects.

Choosing Furniture

To keep it simple, choose vintage furniture that really accent your color scheme. If you want to experiment, try mixing furniture from different time periods. A mid-century couch next to a modern chair will create an interesting visual that matches the spirit of maximalism.


Wherever you can incorporate pattern, do it! From rugs, to walls, to decor, find different patterns that coordinate well in color. It may sound like it goes against all intuition, but if you stick to a warm color palette, your patterns will complement each other in an over-the-top way.


Embracing maximalism is all about displaying your personality through pattern, color, and art. So, when in doubt, just follow your gut.