Interior Design Trends for 2021

With a year like 2020 in the books, we can safely say the theme for the new year is, “comfort is key.”
The trends forecasted to dominate homes in 2021 are all about showcasing personal style, as well as inviting optimum warmth and comfort with the right tones and textures.
With more work-from-homers, movie-marathoners, and surf-the-web-shoppers than ever before, homes have become peoples’ sanctuary, and this year’s spaces will likely lean toward a more lived-in aesthetic with a preference for optimal individualism. 
Incorporate elements of these top 2021 design trends to make your home the chicest, and comfy-coziest it’s ever been!

Cottage-Inspired Interiors

Think, “granny-chic.” Your decision to hold onto your grandma’s vintage, hand-me-down home décor might just give you a head start to the cottagecore culture that emerged over the course of 2020.
Cottagecore romanticizes about a simpler life, holds function over form in high regard, and prioritizes quality over “cool factor” or contemporary trends. Add a whimsical touch that’s reminiscent of greener pastures to your space, and opt for rustic accents, deep-toned and earthy hues, and homey design elements.

Bold Kitchen Cabinetry

Contemporary kitchen makeovers are no new thing, but the bold color trend that’s coming into play in 2021 could make your home’s cabinetry the bell of the ball.
Shades of blue, green, and a more neutral option, solid black, are expected to make a striking appearance on kitchen cabinets throughout the year. Forest green, light navy, and even matte black cabinets can add a bit of warmth to the heart of your home, and will contrast kitchen appliances beautifully.

Redefined Home Office Spaces

With 42% of the U.S. labor force now working from home full time, people are dusting the cobwebs off their desks, and home offices are getting a long overdue glow-up.
While a secretary desk may have replaced the queen-sized bed in the unused guest bedroom last year, 2021 has remote employees looking for ways to separate work and home. Decorators are sure to make their office space exude their own personal style, however work-from-home areas will exhibit practicality over design, with more designated space to tuck work life away.

Eclectic Flair

While minimalism and convenient, compact design aren’t going anywhere, homes will exhibit an increase in eclectic, personal flair. 2021 spaces are likely to be a place of maximum expression, displaying more warmth and texture to make home the most comfortable and inviting personal space.
This year, decorators are less focused on a totally cohesive or perfectly put-together aesthetic, and are more inclined to curate an eclectic and functional space. All-white spaces and completely coordinated styles may begin to look somewhat dated in 2021, as bolder colors, deeper hues, and mismatched pieces begin to take precedence.
Rather than piece together a perfectly-curated space with matching sets and a monochromatic palette, pair assorted and complementary furniture and textures throughout your home to create a more lived-in look, and a space that displays collective components of your personality.

Organic Shapes and Textures

Curved couches and raw, rustic textures will make a comeback this year, as mixing patterns, textures, and shapes will bring out the cultured, discerning collector in all of us.
Kitchen backsplashes, accent tables, and linens will gravitate toward a more real and raw look, with a nod toward industrial design as decorators incorporate subtle black and powder-coated steel urban-inspired elements.
Reach for funky shapes to display on your coffee table or kitchen counter, mix textures like acacia wood and stone, and opt for unique, urban lighting fixtures to easily mix things up in your space.
We’d love to see how you revamp your home for the new year! Tag us on Instagram @walkeredisonco to show us how you plan to implement 2021’s top trends in your space!