This year, we chose the theme “Level Up: Scale, Empower, Innovate” as the central focus for our 2021 company goals. This phrase encapsulates our vision to continually improve and push beyond expectations. Goals set around this theme will involve company growth, enhanced product offerings, sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and more. Each word chosen is significant to where we see ourselves in the year ahead. 

SCALE. For the past view years, Walker Edison has won awards for being one of the fastest growing companies in Utah. Most recently placing 4th on the Utah Business Fast 50 list. Moving forward, we want to scale our core business and not just grow. Scaling is the process and backbone that allows for continual growth. For us, it entails investments into category & product expansion, high growth-potential partners, EU expansion, expansion of our factories and distribution centers, and more investments for data, systems and technology. 

EMPOWER. In 2020, our theme was Engage, Empower, Inspire. We carried the theme of empower over because of the difference setting it as a company standard made. Investing into more training and resources will continue to empower our employees to reach their full potential. This part of the theme also includes goal setting, accountability, and continual diversity & inclusion efforts.   

INNOVATE. The future is bright! The rapid growth of Ecommerce due to the global pandemic has caused us to move up our strategies and future innovation plans. We are giving our employees the opportunity to solve problems where they stand and look for ways to improve systems and processes. This also includes innovation in sustainability so we can increasingly become more sustainable as a global operation. 

As this past year has taught us, we can’t predict the future. Moving into 2021 with this theme helps us really capture the vision of the future no matter what comes our way. We are ready to level up!  

This post was written by our PR Specialist, Brittany Smart.