SALT LAKE CITY – Walker Edison recently completed an 20,000 square foot photo and video studio as part of their new corporate headquarters.

Paul Asay, Head of Marketing at Walker Edison said of the new studio, “We believe in the power of visual content here at Walker Edison; and the investment into this new state-of-the-art studio shows our dedication to being industry leaders in visual content.”

Lance Ferguson, VP of Sales, shared, “As an ecommerce company, visual content is directly connected to how well our product sells. This new studio will allow us to continue growing and bettering that content to support our growth in sales. We are thrilled to see our products thrive and sell even better with the advancements and tools that the team is being given.”

This new studio will provide the space needed to keep up with the company’s rapid growth and increase efficiency, as it allows up to 7 full-time photo and video teams to work simultaneously.

 “The studio was designed by our in-house photographers and stylists,” said Visual Content Manager Alexis Hansen, “Having them be the designers led to a space that will directly meet our needs as well as those of our e-commerce partners and their customers. It seamlessly highlights Walker Edison products as it was built specifically to showcase everything from side tables to TV stands to King size beds.”

Each detail of the new studio allows for improvements to content quality along with efficiency. With no natural light in the studio, the team maintains 100% control of lighting, which ultimately leads to better visual content. Video content and photography can be created in the same rooms due to the fixed walls throughout the studio. There are 17 rooms, 4 full kitchens with movable islands, a 22x20 foot seamless cyc wall, and 2 indoor patios. Each room has different flooring and is designed to contain 3-5 different "looks" to accommodate different styles for various partners and social media outlets. This goal is supported through the smallest details including real brick, kitchen cabinets, window nooks, doors, and versatile window frames. These details also help to provide realistic, in-home looking content.

Brad Bonham, Walker Edison CEO said of the new studio, “This is the third photo studio we have built since starting Walker Edison, and they continue to get better each time. We look at the trends and data and seek the input of our content and marketing teams when making these decisions. This was a big investment, but well worth it to continue producing industry-leading content.”

Joana McKenna, President of Walker Edison also said of the new studio, “We see the value in visual content as it relates to the success of Walker Edison, and as such we want to give our marketing team all the resources they need to succeed. We are thrilled to open this new studio and provide them with the tools needed to continue to grow and advance the quality of our visual content.”

Walker Edison is excited to launch this new photography and videography studio as an integral part of their business and beautiful addition to their corporate headquarters located in West Jordan, Utah.

About Walker Edison:
Since its establishment in 2006, Walker Edison has become a leading partner and drop-ship solution for the biggest names in e-commerce. Driven by data, we strive to cultivate a culture that inspires our customers to Live Outside the Box™ with innovative furniture. Walker Edison is a global organization with operations in Brazil, Asia, the UK, and Germany.​


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