4th of July Outdoor Party Decorating Ideas

It’s almost the 4th of July! Which means, family and friend BBQs, firework parties, bare feet and American flag t-shirts. Everything about this holiday invites a fun spirit to the thought. Such exciting plans occur on this holiday in the warm summer sun and into the late night. If you’re hosting an outdoor party for the 4th, we have just the decorating tips and ideas for you to refer off of for help in creating the ideal party. Becca, our social media guru, designed the perfect outdoor setting for a dream 4th of July themed party. Here they are:  


Less is more

When it comes to the décor, less is more. Keeping things simple will make everything go together and look classy. Don’t use a bunch of over-the-top red, white, and blue tacky fire cracker decorations and similar items like that. Instead, opt for simple plaids, berries to add the red and blue colors for food, a few flags, and solid color or striped pillows. This way, the 4th of July theme isn’t overwhelming to look at and it still feels festive.


The party definitely needs good food. I find this attracts people to the party because they have even more of a reason to come! Nothing says 4th of July like a classic American BBQ. We have 3 delicious burger recipes that you can cook at your own BBQ (click here for recipes). Make some hot dogs too and even some vegan options if necessary.

Food presentation

Spice up the way you present your food. Placing your condiments inside cute jars like the metal ones in our example, is a simple way to incorporate more décor. Clear vases for candy and finger foods like the licorice, round candy, and chocolate covered pretzels. Stack cupcakes in a food tower so people can pick their own easily. All of this also makes your setup look put together. Organize the food in sections, such as a bar cart for the treats and the table for the main meal.



Make a delicious drink as well as having soda and ice water as other options. Try making these (Click here for Blueberry Limeade’s recipe) that’ll match with the holiday theme. Make them look fancy by putting the drink in glasses and adding a lime slice. Plus, you’ll get compliments on them and your friends will most likely ask you about the recipe.



Go for festive dessert if you’re all in with the color scheme, such as berries on top of cupcakes like we did. Or, have guests bring a dessert of choice for a larger array of dessert choices.


Outdoor furniture

Make sure you use outdoor furniture, with the variety of a comfy seat for lounging and a practical one for eating. We used all of our furniture to design this outdoor party space, with our weave patio set, serving cart, highboy console, and dining table. These all give options for people to chat together around the treats, by the food, at the table, or relaxing on the sofa. Feel free and use some indoor furniture as well, if you know for a fact it wont rain and you have a shaded patio space to prevent any damage to the pieces.



Lastly, add some greenery to your tables. Adding greenery is a tip we use a lot because it is applicable in so many decorating situations, making it easy to remember. This especially applies when you have an outdoor party since you want to incorporate nature from around you. Flowers are a wonderful choice to create a welcoming feel.


Blog: Becca Porter

Photographer: Lexi Hansen

Writer: Nicole Rodriguez