5 Christmas Decor Themes to Try in Your Home

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? In my mind Christmas has been here for a long time because I've been preparing for this time of year since July. Crazy huh? Welcome to the social media and retail world where shooting Christmas in July is a thing! Anyway, I have spent many months thinking about what I want my home to look like for Christmas and I realized there were so many different ways to go. Because I am the most indecisive person ever I decided to lay out my options and decide. So that's exactly what I am doing for you today. I have put together a layout of 5 different Christmas decor themes that you can choose from this holiday season. Let's deck the halls and get started!

Rustic Farmhouse: AKA the ultimate cozy Christmas!

Here are a list of must haves for the perfect rustic farmhouse Christmas!

Tin accents: Put your Christmas tree (big or small) in a metal/tin bucket instead of opting for the traditional tree skirt. Tin bins on shelves are also a great option.

Plaid: This is an easy element to add. You can do this by adding a plaid blanket, an accent rug, or something as simple as ribbon.

Something vintage: Imagine a pair of vintage skis, ice skates, or an old wooden sleigh. These can be found easily on your local classified page for cheap!

Wood accents: We mentioned tin earlier but mixing materials is always best when you're going rustic! Add wood accents by finding a wood box and filling it with something festive or display firewood in your cozy living room!

Minimal: The hot new trend!

Here are a list of must haves for the perfect minimal Christmas!

Less is more: This one is extremely important when doing a minimal Christmas.

Stick to neutrals: Think white, tan, grey, brown, and GREEN! Wait... is green a neutral? At Christmas time it is! Decorate with lots greenery and things from the great outdoors to keep that natural and neutral look. Add a simple wreath or a pine cone garland!

Clean lines: Pick decorations with clean lines. Think triangle accents and ornaments or cone shaped Christmas trees. These rose gold houses are the perfect example of a decoration with clean and simple lines.


Whimsical: Buddy the Elf's favorite theme!

Just like Buddy the Elf, you and your family will have so much fun decorating for Christmas with the whimsical theme. This is by far the most popular with the kiddos because of all the fun details!

COLOR: Pick bright red and green for this theme. Deck you halls with bright and happy colors!

Use characters: Santa, Reindeer's, and Elves OH MY! Anything from stuffed characters to a cookie jar.

Whimsical ornaments: Curly Q and candy canes! Pick ornaments with candy cane stripes, glitter, and fun shapes!

 Glam: Think sparkly!

Glam can be tricky because there is a fine line between tacky and pretty. That being said, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars and purchase real crystal ornaments to make glam work. In fact, we used faux everything! Here is the trick to nailing glam...

Metals: Use a balance of different metals. Don't be afraid to mix gold, silver, and rose gold. The more metal you have shining around the better!

Sparkle/glitter: Okay so this is where it can get tacky and messy. You don't need to throw glitter around to make your Christmas glam. Instead find pretty glitter ornaments, Christmas tree, or candles.

Texture: Faux fur is so chic and I 10/10 recommend adding some sort of blanket, pillow, or faux fur stocking to complete your glam look!


 Traditional: Red, White, and Green

Imagine yourself in a New York hotel during Christmas and that to me is traditional Christmas. I know it is a little unreasonable to decorate our houses like a grand hotel that has more decorations than we can even imagine, but think small scale of that.

1. Garland: Put this everywhere! Above your windows, doors, your railing, and as a table runner. There is nothing more traditional than garland.

2. Big red bow: Do you know what bows I am talking about? They are the ones on everyone's front door? Use those babies!! Put them outside on your house lights, mailbox, front door, or inside on your railing.

3. Large trees: Nothing says traditional Christmas like a 9 foot tree decked in red. green, and gold ribbon.

4. Red and green: Try and stick to the traditional red and green colors for your tree as well as the rest of your decorations. If you go too bright you will be crossing over to whimsical and go too dark and it won't feel as merry.

5. Poinsettias: These are so nostalgic to me and always a must at my house during the holidays. I recommend going to Costco and picking up a few of these to finish your traditional Christmas look.

This is traditional Christmas!



Walker Edison