A Houseplant for Every Personality

Ever wonder what kind of houseplant best suits your unique personality? If you’re already a houseplant connoisseur, you probably have several scattered throughout your space that range from tiny succulents to leafy fiddles, but there’s always one or two that really speak to your interior and personal style.

Delve into the world of houseplants, both basic and quirky, and discover which of these potted greens is your other half.

Fiddle Leaf Fig – The Style Guru

Fiddle leaf fig plants can grow tall enough to touch the ceiling, or small enough to be housed atop an entryway console, but all have one thing in common: they can tie the entire room together effortlessly. Their look is akin to someone who prioritizes the most beautiful curation of an aesthetically cohesive style and never looks out of place.

Monstera – The Capricious Traveler

A plant that springs in all directions, the Swiss-cheese leaves of a Monstera often grow and spew every which way without warning. Akin to this native tropical dweller, the wander-lusted traveler instills a sense of adventure and can be found globetrotting anywhere and everywhere, from the jungles of Panama to the coastline of Seychelles.

Aloe Plant – The Group Therapist

Some friends are lucky enough to have someone in their group who has unintentionally dubbed themselves the resident healer – the one who will listen to everyone’s venting sessions, give the best advice, and be a shoulder to cry on. Much like the aloe plant, they have an air of uplifting qualities that they put to use regularly.


String of Hearts: The Hopeless Romantic

These cascading greens wear their heart on their sleeve, just like the hopeless romantic that knows they’ll find “the one” after an epic meet cute. Each tiny leaf takes the shape of a green heart, encouraging those around them to be open to the possibility of true love.

Pothos – The Low-Maintenance Type

Pothos are commonly purchased as a starter plant, and for good reason! They are one of the easiest to care for, and thrive when they are left alone with just a little water and sunlight. Just like their leafy companion, pothos enthusiasts are easy-to-please, go with the flow, and are always a good time because you know you can count them in for anything!  


Ivy – The Storyteller

We all have one friend who loves a good tall tale, and always seems to have the perfect story at the ready. Ivy is the underappreciated backdrop to fairytales and happily-ever-afters, climbing up stone walls or growing in thickets near the castle. This fast-growing, woody evergreen requires a rich soil, just like each tale needs a foundation of rich culture to tell the story.


Rubber Leaf Plant – The Jokester

According to the teachings of feng shui, the rubber leaf plant is the perfect accent to combat the sharp corners of any space because of their fun, round leaves. Much like their green counterpart, jokesters know how to lighten the mood, and make you happy when you’re feeling down.


Snake Plant – The Ambitious Achiever

Snake plants thrive easily without help, and their primary focus is to keep growing upwards and as far as their vertically-inclined leaves will take them. Just like their high-reaching counterpart, the ambitious achiever radiates a positive energy and can-do attitude. And an added bonus, snake plants are one of the most self-sufficient of all household greenery, which is perfect for a busy schedule jam-packed with late-night study sessions and early morning classes.

Air Plants – The Daydreamer

Just like a starry-eyed daydreamer, air plants refuse to rely on grounded roots to survive. These fuzzy greens actually languish when planted in soil, and thrive on attaching themselves to higher ground, to other plants, or trees. Much like their airy companion, a daydreamer can’t be brought down by the norms of society, as they are much happier up in their cloud of creativity.  

Bird of Paradise – The Show-Off

Like a peacock debuting its feathery tail, birds of paradise plants may seem like a run-of-the-mill tropical resident, but when they bloom in full force they’re transformed into a majestic exhibit of graceful green. Similarly, exhibitionists love to strut their stuff, basking in the limelight of their talents, style, or compelling personality.


Potted Olive Tree – The Scholar

While they’ve made a debut into many modern homes recently, olive trees imbue a sense of ancient wisdom, and can trace their roots back to some of the oldest cities in the world. Comparable to the fruitful branches of this age-old green, scholars are eager for opportunities to grow, learn, and immortalize their vast knowledge.

Zanzibar Gem (ZZ Plant) – The Trailblazer  

ZZ plants are native to Africa, but they grow and thrive in many different conditions. Their leafy stems have a charismatic quality that resemble an independent gem, who paves their own path and thrives on their personal sense of unique style and taste.


What kind of houseplant do you relate to the most? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and see how you decorate with houseplants over at @walkeredisonco on Instagram!