5 Tips for Throwing a Halloween Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

What kind of Halloween are you? Weird question? Let me expand a little bit so we are on the same page... Do you watch all the scary movies, go to a haunted house or corn maze every year, plan your costume out to the T, and deck your house out? I consider these people die hard Halloweeners. Me... I am a die hard!

Today I am sharing my all time favorite Halloween dinner party. It is spooky yet classy, Gothic yet enchanting, and all around the perfect setting for any Halloween party.

Tip #1: Pretty place settings are a must

This is where I always start because it's the easiest to build around. If you start with the centerpiece sometimes it gets tricky to tie in your place setting perfectly. For our dinner party we wanted the place setting to stay simple and dark so we decided on all black with a pop of color.

Always always always have decorative name cards. Again ours were simple this time around but there are so many ideas on Pinterest that you can print out or easily make at home. One of my favorites I saw was putting a small pumpkin on top of the napkin with the name tied around the stem with velvet ribbon or the cutest mini black caldrons. There are so many fun ways to add details onto your place setting.

Tip #2: Add a natural element to your centerpiece

I am an avid believer that every centerpiece needs some sort of greenery or natural element. It adds texture and brings your table to life! I added fresh silver dollar eucalyptus and roses. I recommend going to Trader Joe's to find your greenery because it is cheap and you don't need to be a florist to buy it.

Tip #3: Ambiance

The ambiance can make or break a party. Imagine going to a Halloween party with all the bright lights on, the smell of coconut in the air, and Mickey Mouse music playing in the background. Doesn't really fit does it? Dim the lights, light a fall candles, turn on some spooky music and you're set.

Tip #4: Food

Stick to your theme when it comes to food. Serve grape juice/wine for a spooky feel or apple cider for a cozy party. Serve food with season. Fall screams comfort food! Soup and bread is one of my favorite fall dinners so this is usually my go to.

For dessert, pumpkin is always 100% acceptable at any fall party so don't forget the pie!

Tip #5: Give yourself enough time to prepare

If you take anything away from this post let it be this. Whether big or small, give yourself enough time to prepare for the party. You want to enjoy the party as much as your guests. Make sure you are not working the entire party or stressed about getting the food out at the perfect time. Enjoy yourself and HAVE FUN!!


Walker Edison