Have Your Spring Break at Home: A Style How-To on All Things Coastal

Did COVID-19 make you miss out on your spring break vacation? Here’s a way you can bring a bit of that fresh spring breeze into your home while we’re all stuck inside. A cottage-beach inspired dream house is only a blink away with our how-to style guide! All these steps can be done through online shopping so that you can maintain safe social distancing practices. We’ll show you how to snatch up a spring break look in order to enjoy a glowy, summer vibe any time of the year. Bring your vacation destination home! We can see the palm trees now…  

Get Those Coastal Vibes Flowing: 

You want to go for a chic, beach-side look that’s as effortless as you can make it. Or you can embrace an eccentricnautical theme. However you want to brighten your quarantine mood is up to you! What’s nice about coastal is that it’s a spectrum of style, rather than one, unmoving look. Go for a sea-side hotel atmosphere, a beach bungalow, or a crazy ocean shrine. You’ll need light woodsblues and greys, and calming vibes. In no time you’ll feel the ocean breeze drifting through your home; it’s like your spring break was never canceled.   

Nautical Goodies for an Extra Ocean Splash: 

A-hoy, sailorsThis look can really brighten a quarantine mood. Gather up all the sea-themed décor you can find. Use intricate ships in bottles, cute octopi stuffed animals, or decorative ship wheels. Put white sand in glass jars, sprinkle your shelves in seashells, and discover one-of-a-kind mermaid murals. Go crazy or make it subtle. This is the fun part, because you’re in charge of how loud or quiet you want this look to feel; and you don’t have to have kids to let your imagination run loose. Make it an east-coast ocean theme all about lighthouses and whales or incorporate a fun beach party, west-coast design. The choice is yours. Even surprise a friend—if you know this is their dream look—by shipping them a few, fun nautical home décor items. They’ll appreciated the gift during this time, and you’ll help spread a quick, little, spring break mood-boost.  

Coastal Plants to Keep it Calm:     

Staying calm during 2020 is a must. So, if you like laid-back looks, try out plants rather than nautical décor. Bring those dreamy palms to you, either with a fake houseplant or real potted beauty. Again, these can all be found online to prevent you having to go out to a store during quarantine. Once you acquire some lovely pants, where do you put them? For coastal looks its best to keep these green pieces by windows, behind sofas, or on the back patio. But, don’t feel limited. Breathe in that houseplant love anywhere your like. Pick plants that have large, fanning leaves. You want to look like you woke up in Miami, even if you live in Iowa.    

Light Woods, Hemp or Rope, and Linen Baskets: 

Place these accents all over the room. If the furniture looks like it was crafted from a high-end fashion shipwreck, then you’ve got the coastal look down! Pair navy or classic blues with light woods tbring a vibrant, sunny flair into any room. Storage bins should be made of hemp or rope. A fun project while in quarantine could be to decorate a basket wall (Check out our DIY basket wall guide here). And the best color palettes to work with are blues, grays, and whites. Remember to keep it light. You want it to look like the sun is always shining and that the beach is just outside your window.