How to Achieve a Biophilic Bedroom

In the interior design space, the love for all things living is in full bloom. It goes far beyond being a plant connoisseur, though. Biophilic-inspired interiors encompass the raw beauty of the earth through sustainable materials, earthen textures, and natural tones. Biophilic décor seeks to harness the functionality of modern architecture and design while connecting to the simplicity of nature. We want to take you through some of our favorite biophilic bedrooms and give you some inspo if you’d like to make your sanctuary a nature lover’s Zen zone.

 Natural wood headboard and nightstand with ivy on the walls behind it.

Embrace the Need for Nature

Let’s start with materials. To achieve the ultimate indoor-outdoor flow, start by reaching for materials that are present in nature. For example, you can look for furniture that is made from or implements one or more of these naturally occurring elements:

When it comes to décor, you can look for similar elements to match your furniture, or keep an eye out for décor made from these materials:

  • Wicker
  • Jute
  • Linen or other natural fibers
  • Solid wood (most furniture is made from pine, oak, or cedar wood, so a unique wood like paulownia makes for a nice contrast with other woods in your home!)
  • Locally handcrafted pottery
  • Terracotta
  • Stone or faux marble


Queen sized bed with neutral colored sheets and bedspread

A Calming Color Palette

To create a biophilic space you love to lounge in, choose a calming color palette that evokes a closeness to nature and helps you be more productive, relaxed, and in tune. Think coastal with muted blue and cream tones, cabin vibes with deep forest greens and browns, or even cool urban hues like concrete grey and charcoal.

Bedspreads, wall art, and dresser décor are all opportune places to pop a hint of one of your favorite earthen hues. Pair your natural wood headboard or platform bed with a fluffy duvet. A white or cream duvet would look especially crisp and inviting over contrasting slate blue, light brown, eucalyptus green, or deep forest green sheets.


Solid wood headboard and nightstand in a bedroom with a neutral bedspread and palm leaf in the background.

Draw Inspiration from Cool Places

There are places in the world renowned for their ecotourism, and their interior design trends certainly reflect that. From ivy-enveloped buildings to bamboo accent walls, the interior design concepts found in these countries can help you jumpstart your biophilic bedroom vision board.

  • Indonesia: Bali is a worthy contender for both its stunning ecology and ultra-modern, nature-inspired interiors. Japandi interior design is prevalent in upscale Balinese homes, with bamboo furniture, unfinished natural wood elements, and open floor plans flocked with statement pieces and plants.
  • Colombia: Beaches and jungle are aplenty in this lush country, and major city Medellin has just received Latin America’s first eco-city status. Storefronts and restaurants in cities like Cartagena feature stunning flora, modern design, and natural grass elements that make the effortlessly cool coastal aesthetic worthy of interior inspo.
  • New Zealand: Wide open spaces and contrasting, natural landscapes inspire some unique interiors that harness both the laid-back lounge feel and ultra-modern design. The simplicity found in nature is present in the clean lines, modern cottagecore aesthetic, and mixed woods seen in New Zealand homes.
  • South Africa: Unreal flora and fauna dot this ecologically rich country, and that’s trickled down into its interior design scene. Coastal cool is mingled with earthen, rustic components in spaces where old-school eclecticism is honored yet modern functionality is still a priority. Grass décor, carved wood, and local plant life commonly make an appearance in cool South African homes.

 Neutral bedding on a queen bed next to a fiddle fig leaf plant and a wooden nightstand.

Light and Space

While you don’t necessarily have to love a minimalist’s touch to embrace biophilic design, the way you utilize your “white space” and harness natural light will help create a bedroom that feels breathable and relaxing. Here are some ways we like to optimize space and lighting:

  • Place your bed by a window to allow the natural light to filter through and give your greens their daily dose of sun.
  • Choose (or stain) a wood color that feels right to you. Looking for a lighter wood? Coastal oak, pine, or birch are a perfect match. Want to go darker? Walnut, caramel, and even black-painted pine are just what you’re looking for.
  • Place a mirror or two around the room to open it up and seemingly double your plant collection!
  • Whether your vibe is minimalism or maximalism, make sure there’s a break in décor and furniture somewhere to create white space.
  • Leave the walls bare and let the plants do the talking! A statement plant is the perfect piece of décor for biophilic bedrooms.


Light and airy bedroom with a queen bed, nightstand and large window next to a large fiddle leaf fig tree plant.

Choose a Statement Piece

The biophilic interiors that make us swoon are the ones that feature a dramatic hanging plant, towering fiddle leaf fig, or sizable olive tree. Showcase a serene space and enviable design savvy with a plant that looks like it was made for that corner by your mirror, the spot by the window, or beside your bed. Even if it’s faux flora, placing your tree or plant where it’s a focal point can really bring your biophilic bedroom to life.

The plants that do their best work solo are trees, such as:

  • Ficus
  • Fiddle leaf fig
  • Olive tree
  • Banana leaf
  • Gypsophila leaf tree

Other plants that can grow to impressive heights are:

  • Rubber leaf plants
  • Snake plants
  • Bird of paradise plants

Cascading greens like these also boast impressive length and volume:

  • Ivy
  • Pothos
  • Brasil philodendrons
  • String of hearts
  • String of pearls

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