How to Decorate with Floral Patterns

Like perennial blossoms, floral patterns endure among interior decorators year after year. Their natural beauty lends itself as a timeless way to add delicacy and intricacy to a space. Find the style and application that best fits your aesthetic with these eight tips for tastefully incorporating floral patterns at home.


Smaller, more clustered floral patterns tend to impart a cozy atmosphere that celebrates antiquity. They fit just right into design styles like cottagecore, grandmillenial, or boho. The bigger the floral is, the more modern and contemporary it will look. Also consider the proportion of your application. Large florals will have more space to make an impact on large surfaces, while small patterns will effortlessly fill in smaller spaces.



Florals can easily clash with other decor. To prevent them from competing with other pieces, tie in or contrast your color palettes. If your pattern features beautiful pink petals or deep green stems, use those as pop of color in the rest of your decor. If your home is already very colorful, make your florals stand out with black and white or sepia patterns. In general, monotone motifs will look more subtle, whereas multicolored displays are bold and intricate.


Minimalist or Maximalist?

For decorators who prefer a "less is more" approach, the same idea can be applied to floral patterns. Styles like modern, Scandinavian, or industrial favor one or two carefully chosen, bold floral pieces that add an eye-catching accent to an otherwise restrained space. Meanwhile, maximalists that embrace a "more is more" lifestyle celebrate florals by spreading them everywhere the eye can see. A mixture of floral walls, floors, furniture, and accessories come together as if creating a lush, indoor flower garden.


Accent Walls

Now that we've introduced some principles that can be applied to every petal, let's talk about accent walls. For people who can make more permanent changes to their home, gussy up a single wall with floral wallpaper or a hand-painted mural. A temporary and less time-consuming method is to hang a large floral tapestry over a swath of empty wall. Splash up a painterly motif in the living room, an art deco-inspired floral to emphasize a bathroom wall, or a dainty meadow scene in your cozy kitchen.



The fabrics we use every day are a great canvas for florals. Incorporating them into the soft textures of your home is the easiest way to make them feel warm, personal, and cozy. Bedspreads, throw blankets, drapes, shower curtains, or kitchen towels are just a few ways you can snuggle up in a field of flowers.



If you're worried that a floral pattern will be over-stimulating or you want an easy way to test out the aesthetic, a floral rug is the accessory for you. Rugs bring in texture and pattern without making your space feel congested at eye level. If your florals favor the bold, make the floor a statement of its own by unrolling a large area rug that features an oversized pattern and/or bright colors.


Statement Art

Empty walls are but an opportunity for more flowers. Statement art takes many forms and styles, from impressionistic paintings to crisp photographs. Photographs generally feel contemporary and may seem anachronistic in a more vintage-inspired space, whereas artistic renditions cover a whole spectrum of styles. Put your florals in frames for a polished appearance, or embrace exposed edges and stretched canvas pieces for a more casual, laid-back feel. A limited number of large pieces cater to modern minimalists, while a busy gallery wall would be perfect for collectors with eclectic styles.



Who said furniture must be a solid, neutral color? Couches, armchairs, ottomans, and even tufted headboards can all be upholstered in a charming floral to add visual intrigue. Contemporary decorators may opt for one stand-alone sofa to confidently add color and pattern. Traditional decorators may find joy in a fully floral living room set that leaves no seed unplanted.


Whether you've been a longtime flower fan or are just testing out the aesthetic for the first time, we believe florals are for all! Show us how you creatively cultivate floral patterns into your decor by tagging Walker Edison on social media.