7 Things You Must Add to Your Kitchen This Christmas

1. Wreaths on the cabinets

My cabinet wreaths are the first piece of decor I put up during the holidays. They are the ultimate Christmas kitchen decoration. It adds that extra touch of magic to your kitchen that makes you feel like you are in a Christmas movie all December long!

2. Hot cocoa bar

A holiday must!! During the holidays my family would drink hot cocoa every single night after dinner. It became a holiday staple that we never wanted to miss. Not only is hot cocoa delicious and a fun tradition, it is also the perfect decoration for your holiday kitchen.

3. Christmas trees

Keep your trees simple and small in the kitchen because you don't want them getting in the way. They are the perfect table/counter centerpiece. You can also fill an empty corner or shelf with the ever so popular tiny Christmas tree!

4. Winter steams

Add a touch of cranberries or snow covered twigs to a vase. This adds height and a natural element you won't want to forget.

5. Festive rug and towels

No Christmas kitchen is complete without some festive towels and a rug to match. I always display my red plaid towels on my oven because it just feels cozy and complete.

As much as I try to keep hands and food away from these towels because I want them to stay pretty... it is pretty much impossible! I recommend not spending too much money on towels because chances are you will be replacing them every few years to keep them looking fresh and pretty!

6. Christmas art

You can add something as simple as the word JOY on your wall to a letter board to a Christmas tree farm! Find something that matches your decor and you will be shocked at how switching one piece of art to Christmas will change the entire feel for the holidays.

7. Holiday dinnerware

I am sure when you imagine Christmas plates you think of your grandmas plates with a frilly edge and Santa's face sitting right under your mashed potatoes. Let me be the first to tell you that you do not need Santa's face on your plate to consider them your holiday dinnerware. Simply display red, green, or gold plates. No Santa, just color! Those scream Christmas just as much as your grandma's Santa plates.



Walker Edison