How to Host a Laid-Back Summer Patio Party

Summer has settled in for the year, beckoning us to spend time outside in the fresh air. While the sun warms your skin, good company warms your heart. Inviting your friends and family to enjoy a casual get-together from the comfort of your backyard will keep the good times rolling. Whether you're celebrating the Fourth of July, a birthday, or just another Tuesday, use this simple guide to set up the festivities.

 Patio dining set


Pull up a chair and stay awhile! Offering some designated seating for your crew allows everyone to relax and mingle as a group. A matching set of tables and chairs not only provides room for a crowd and sets the stage for snacks, but also looks effortlessly put together. This stunning, weather-resistant wood dining set comes with six chairs, each with a plush seat cushion to while away the time. For extra variety, unfurl some blankets on the grass where you can lay and stretch out.

Modern 7-Piece Slat-Top Dining Set in Natural

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Also pictured: Modern Solid Wood Outdoor Loveseat in Natural

  Fourth of July food spread


A few simple but effective decorations are an easy way to make your party even more inviting. To avoid overwhelming yourself with preparations, choose a few classic pieces. A table runner, topped with a vase of seasonal flowers, brings the focus to your spread of snacks (more on that later). Hang up some string lights overhead to fill the space with a warm glow, so the good times can continue even after the sun goes down. Concentrating most of the decor on or around a tabletop will signal to guests that the heart of the event takes place there.

Pro tip: Keep the table runner from blowing away by tucking the ends around the tabletop and tying or taping them underneath.

 Walker Edison Fourth of July patio party


No outdoor dinner table is complete without some food to snack on. Keep things simple by offering a spread of foods that require little to no preparation to be delicious. Fresh fruits are sure to be a hit, bursting with sweet and refreshing flavors but requiring minimal work to serve. To add effortless decadence to the spread, arrange a charcuterie board full of cured meats and artisan cheeses. Keep everyone cool and hydrated by filling a pitcher with a refreshing, universally enjoyed drink like infused water, lemonade, or margaritas—whichever suits your party's vibe.

 Walker Edison patio dining set

Shared Responsibility

If you're stressed about preparing a party solo, consider turning to your honored guests for help! You can provide the outdoor space and the table while assigning your friends and family to bring the other party fare. One friend can take charge of a fruit bowl, while another can provide a pitcher drink or even cutlery. Sharing the responsibility takes some weight off your shoulders and gives your guests a patio party to remember.

Pro tip: Implementing BYOB is a simple way to ensure that everyone has a drink they'll enjoy. 


Whether you're hosting your first summer party or your fifth, we hope it can be as relaxing as basking in the sunlight. Tag @walkeredisonco on social media and use #MyWalkerEdisonHome to show us your summer party setup.