How to Make an Easy, Beautiful Table Centerpiece

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This simple and casual centerpiece is the perfect addition to your dining table, kitchen island, or side table. It's effortlessly pretty and a great way to showcase your summer flowers! 



First, start by picking your base! It can be as simple as a cute place mat or something a little more decorative like this serving tray.

Next, get a small cake stand and place it on your base. I like to use the cake stand to bring in a fun accent color, but a white cake stand works too. It's up to you!

After that, fill a glass dome upside down with the fruit of your choice. I think round citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges are my favorite, but you can pick your family's favorite fruit! If you don't already have a little glass dome, I found this one at IKEA for less than $10. Then, place your cake stand on open side of your glass dome while it's still upside down (so you don't spill any of the fruit), then flip it right-side-up and place on your base.

Then for the easy part! Put your favorite flowers in a simple vase and put it on your base. Now you have a casually beautiful centerpiece and it only took you five minutes to create! 


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