How to Take a Personable Approach to Interior Design

Adding a personal touch to interior design trends can be tough. While there's a lot of inspiration to be taken from formal styles, we can take it a step further by tailoring them to our unique personalities and interests. Home is where the heart is, so whether you're looking to add cozy touches or conversation starters, these tips can help you transform your home into a layout that is uniquely yours.

 Styled living room

Interior Design Basics

Let’s start with some interior design basics. Finding an existing style that speaks to you is a great way to start personalizing your décor. Are you drawn to cozy homes full of grounding, earthy elements? Start with a base of rustic or cottagecore design.  Do fresh, fuss-free layouts tickle your fancy? Take some inspiration from minimalist or Scandi spaces. If you like the look of a home brimming with interesting knickknacks, patterns, and colors, take eclectic or boho style for a spin! These basic design elements help you cement your style and create the perfect jumping-off point for a personalized interior. 

 Solid wood platform bed

The Perfect Palette

A set color scheme can go a long way in making your interior look purposeful and tied together. Minimalist homes tend to gravitate toward a neutral color palette, with colors like white, cream, and taupe, though small pops of color are welcome! More maximalist styles, like boho or cottagecore, benefit from a complex palette that embraces bright color combinations.

You can also base your color scheme off a piece of furniture or décor you already have. Love the color of your favorite lounge chair? Use it as a focal point and harmonize your palette around it! If you’ve got a painting or poster that inspires you, pick a couple of main colors from the piece and look for blankets, throw pillows, or other décor that match that scheme.

 Solid wood spindle bed in white

A Touch of Texture

Whether you’re living your best minimalist or maximalist life, any interior style can benefit from some texture. Opt for cozy, functional pieces you know you’ll use on the daily to really bring the personal element home. For the modern minimalist, cozy textures like knit blankets, linen curtains, or a woven rug add interest to the space without overwhelming it.

A busier, more maximalist style will likely include plenty of texture already, and can handle heavier elements like thick, patterned curtains or a velvet couch. Maintain a personalized, cohesive look by choosing textured décor within your chosen color palette.

 Mid-Century conosole

Hobbies in the House

The best way to start personalizing your interior is by drawing inspiration from the things you love. Take a second to think about your hobbies and interests. What about them makes you happy, and how can you incorporate that into your home? Your passions are the perfect way to personalize your space, and they provide plenty of conversation starters for your next dinner party or game night.

For the experienced traveler, photos, maps, and souvenirs bring the vacation to you. An avid sports fan can display jerseys, equipment, or use a palette based on their favorite team’s colors. Music lovers might pick up a record player cabinet and create a corner that pays tribute to their favorite bands, or a movie goer could hang a few vintage-style film posters above their TV stand.


Three-drawer vanity desk

Find Your Bliss

As we’ve seen throughout this blog, a personalized interior takes tons of inspiration from the little things that make you happy. This includes designating some areas in your home that help you relax and engage in selfcare. This could look like transforming a desk into a makeup and skincare vanity, or filling a room with houseplants and natural light to infuse the space with calming energy.

It could be something as simple adding a comfy chair and a warm blanket to your office for when you need a break. Your happiness is key, so make sure your personalized interior design leaves some room for rest and relaxation. The most important thing is that you love your space, so don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match.


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