Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

Rich wood tones, tapered legs, and eye-catching fabrics are some of the main reasons mid-century modern style has made its way to the top. Mid-century modern bedrooms can be both stylish and inviting, but figuring out how to add your own personal spin on the aesthetic can feel daunting. For a boost of inspiration, we pulled some of our favorite mid-century modern bedrooms that were carefully designed by our professional stylists.

1. Tropical Paradise 

Mid-century modern meets glam! The dusty pink accent pillow, rug, and throw blanket add luxury and color to the room without interrupting the warm and neutral palette. The palm leaves add a touch of tropical paradise, perfect for someone who dreams of warmer weather and relaxing days on the beach. The Solid Wood Spindle Daybed doubles as a couch, making this room a space-saving haven.

2. A Desert Oasis

Natural wood elements are a total knockout in a room that is white, bright, and airy. Our stylists picked plush pillows and carefully arranged them in the corner of the daybed. The framed sentiment “live by the sun” is displayed alongside other decor pieces that evoke warm, carefree sunny days, like the dried pampas grass and sunhats. With white brick walls and a fluffy rug, this room looks like a little slice of heaven.

3. A Bohemian Collaboration

Bohemian and mid-century modern elements come together to create an eclectic, yet cohesive bedroom. The emerald hues stemming from the potted plants complement the warm, caramel colors of the twin bed. A rust throw blanket fits the color palette without being too matchy-matchy, which gives this bedroom an effortlessly unified look. Between the earthy color palette, macramé wall hanging, and casual bedding arrangement, this mid-century modern bedroom has our wanderer’s heart swooning.

4. Clean and Breathable

We love the creamy, dreamy color palette that this bedroom is styled in. The bright white elements, wood tones, and subtle golden accents make it feel like a peaceful Grecian getaway. The bed is free from a throw blanket, which allows the cluster of neutral throw pillows to be the star of the show. The lines of the board and baton walls, the spindles of the bed’s headboard, and the quilted detailing on the duvet creates the perfect habitat for those who are drawn to a tidy, orderly aesthetic. 

5. Colors that Bring You Joy

Have a favorite color? Don’t be scared to break the mold and experiment with a palette that makes you feel at ease. If painting an accent wall in bright yellow or turquoise feels intimidating, start by incorporating your ride-or-die colors with throw pillows, blankets, and art. It may be tempting to make design choices based on what’s currently trending; however, it’s more important to choose furniture and decorations that you love.

6. Contemporary Edge

This mid-century modern bedroom shows us there’s no need to feel confined by strict rules when designing your home. The black accents from the spindle bed and framed art are tastefully incorporated to give it a contemporary edge, while the neutral colors keep the room bright and inviting. Our stylists placed a chunky knit blanket and a generous amount of throw pillows to create the perfect place to get lost in a book or binge your favorite show. The rattan chandelier tells all who dwell in the bedroom that this is their happy place.

7. Inspired by Your Favorite Places

Mid-century modern meets Malibu beach house with this carefully styled bedroom. The deep shades of blue summon subtle hints of a coastal aesthetic without going overboard. Inspired by long, romantic walks on sandy beaches, the light and neutral rug adds texture without taking away from the luxurious bedding. The array of pillows features different textures and colors that go together without being identical. The dark wood elements of the bed and side table have us daydreaming of boats and sailing across the ocean.


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