Nine of the Best Masculine Bedroom Ideas

Contrary to the messy aesthetic of a stereotypical bachelor pad, interiors with masculine design elements provide a refined look that can appeal to any gender. Whether you’re styling a space for yourself or someone you love, you can mix and match these ideas to create a stylish bedroom with plenty of masculine appeal.

 Walker Edison solid wood bed frame

Pick a Palette

Picking a color palette is an important first step to decorating any room. Moody, dark tones—like charcoal, black, and navy—are well known staples in the world of masculine design. They create a stately atmosphere and provide the perfect backdrop for tech and gadgets or décor. To avoid a space that feels too heavy or dim, choose an accent wall to take the darker hue, or balance the deeper tones out with accent lighting and décor in light colors.

If you’re hesitant to go over to the dark side, a natural color palette can help further the simplistic look of a masculine bedroom. Think taupe, forest green, or cream. An earthy palette produces a breezy, carefree aesthetic that blends well with bold decorations.


Simplify your Space

A common factor in masculine spaces is clean, simple design that’s embellished with some choice accent pieces. Avoid the urge to fill the room with posters, memorabilia, and furniture. Instead, eliminate visual clutter by relying on a few statement items to carry your design, like a unique bedframe or a stately lounge chair, while keeping the rest of your décor minimal. A simplified interior creates a sense of carefully cultivated refinement and maturity.

 Walker Edison Mid-Century Modern Bedframe

A Linear Look

Straight lines and sharp edges (as opposed to the rounded shapes and soft silhouettes of feminine design) are a staple of masculine interiors. Lean into geometric furniture, like a bedframe with an angular headboard and a square nightstand. You can add further structure with framed wall art or floating shelves. Keep in mind that vertical lines add height and stature to a room and draw the eye upward, while horizontal lines create the illusion of a wider space and impart a sense of harmony. 

 Walker Edison Japandi nightstand

Earthy Additions

A natural touch will bring a sense of calm and composure to your bedroom. Start with a base of rustic or industrial-inspired wood furniture in a dark finish to add intrigue and depth to the space. Then, embellish your interior with other organic textures, like a fur blanket, thick wool curtains, or leather throw pillows. For DIY-inclined decorators, a wood panel accent wall is the perfect way to add an elegant, yet cozy touch that warms up the entire room. There are even non-permanent, peel-and-stick options for rented homes.


Lavish Lighting

Lighting goes a long way in setting the tone of your bedroom. Dim lighting in yellow tones creates a warm, relaxing environment, perfect for balancing out bedrooms with a dark color palette, while white LED bulbs cool the space down and invoke energy and focus. Natural light sources will freshen up the room and add a comfortable, invigorating touch.

Lighting fixtures can serve as décor and elevate a drab bedroom setup. A couple of interesting table lamps or some hanging pendant lights can add a personalized touch to your setup and let you curate the vibe of your space. Shed some light on your style by using variable-color puck lights to highlight your favorite décor pieces, or hang a large statement light that draws attention upward and brightens the whole room.

 Walker Edison Japandi nightstand

A Touch of Texture

Textural elements can add some low-fuss visual interest to your bedroom. Incorporate a few natural, rugged textures—like wood, stone, and brick—to keep the space feeling minimal and add a feeling of calm and solidity to your surroundings. Or, layer your bed with thick knit blankets and throw pillows to evoke a sense of luxury and comfort. Subtle textured details add an engaging element to your bedroom that leaves plenty of room for your statement pieces to shine.


Metal Accents

Metal décor can add a sense of sophistication and industrial allure that will elevate any masculine space. These modern accents balance out a dark color palette by adding some luster back into the room. Infuse your décor with warmth by layering gold accents, like a lamp with a gold base or a side table with a subtle golden flair. For a cooler ambiance, silver is the perfect pick. It contrasts well with darker tones, providing a focal point that brightens up the room. If you’re looking for more restrained options, brass and bronze add a touch of burnished appeal without drawing too much attention away from your other décor.

 Walker Edison solid wood nightstand

Functional Furniture

Stick with the pared-down practicality of masculine design by adding multifunctional furniture to your bedroom. A bedframe with drawers can keep clothes or hobby supplies out of sight, or you can grab an option with shelves to subtly display books and décor. Floating shelves and nightstands can free up floorspace and contribute to a simplified vibe. For the hobbyists, a desk with shelving provides plenty of room for work and play.

 Walker Edison masculine bedroom

Express Yourself

Accessories have the power to fill your bedroom with personality and charm. To stick with the simplified look that’s common in masculine design, hand pick items that speak to your interests and purposefully place them around your space. You may decide to display one or two large statement pieces that take the spotlight, like a tapestry and a unique accent chair, or layer some smaller items, like plants, figurines, and books.

If you choose to eschew the minimalist look, make sure your host of decorative elements don’t clash with your carefully chosen color palette. When you decorate with neutral colors, you can get away with almost anything.


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