Our Stylists’ Top Workstation Picks and How to Style Them

Curating the perfect space for studying or working can feel overwhelming. Not sure how to style the workstation of your dreams? We asked our expert stylists for their tips and tricks, as well as their favorite Walker Edison office pieces for some design inspiration.

Meet Priscilla!

Priscilla enjoys interiors that mix and match different styles and time periods. She loves finding pieces from flea markets and antique malls and mixing them with contemporary styles and themes. For Priscilla, the perfect workstation has plenty of storage space. She loves using open shelving to display her favorite objects, while being challenged to find a stylish way to hide clutter.

Priscilla’s favorite Walker Edison workstation is the 3-Piece Arlo Home Office Desk Set for its generous amount of open shelving and a storage cabinet for tucking away important papers or clutter that she wouldn’t want out in the open. For styling, Priscilla would take the sentimental route and decorate the open shelving with things that bring her joy every time she sees them: photographs of loved ones, her favorite books, and objects she adores.

Limited on square footage? Priscilla reminds us that loving the space that your desk is in is most important. If your desk has limited wiggle room for decoration, Priscilla suggests that having a general color scheme will make the space feel tied together without the need for extra objects.

Meet Antoinette!

Antoinette gravitates towards anything that looks clean and modern. She loves styling rooms with pieces that you usually wouldn’t pair together but are still harmonious. For Antoinette, using a color palette that keeps her centered and focused is her personal workstation must-have.

Antoinette’s top workstation pick is the Rayna Two-Tier Desk for its spacious tabletop, allowing plenty of room for work or studying materials. This desk is also easy to clean, which Antoinette believes to be an essential feature of any furniture piece. If she could style it, Antoinette would use a lamp, a fun desk organizer, and a paper storage box to tuck away notes and notebooks.

For those living in small spaces, Antoinette suggests putting functionality first. She recommends figuring out what you want out of the workspace, and to find things that will either make it fun to use or make it a space that you would feel more productive in. Antoinette finds that if she has cute and fun things that get her excited to stay organized, she is more likely to enjoy her workstation while keeping things nice and tidy.

Meet Ashley!

Ashley’s favorite style is Japandi because of its simple approach to interiors—minimalist, clean lines, functional, and an incorporation of natural elements. When it comes to styling rooms, she enjoys interiors where simplicity is the muse and the environment is peaceful and warm. Natural lighting is essential to Ashley’s personal workstation, and she says that it makes all the difference in her happiness and productivity.

Ashley’s top workstation pick is the Arlo Ladder Desk due to its optimization in functionality, especially for small-space living. Channeling her love for Japandi, Ashley would style the shelving with some plants to bring life to the space and would use attractive yet functional organizational tools that look stylish on the desk.

For small-space living, Ashley recommends setting up your desk within the underutilized parts of your home, such as under the stairs or even the inside of a closet! She also stresses the importance of keeping your desk free from clutter and to get rid of items that have gone unused for too long.


Meet Kaitlin!

Kaitlin’s dream stylings are a mix of bohemian and mid-century modern. She loves combining two styles together and adding bold colors or animal figures. Kaitlin says that her workstation must-haves are “plants, plants, plants!” and any natural elements, such as a wood desk organizer, to breathe life into the space.

Kaitlin says she is obsessed with Walker Edison’s Rayna Two-Tier Desk, specifically with the gold finish. She says the desks’ glass tiers are the perfect opportunity to add layers to your design. Kaitlin would style this desk with dramatic plants, vases with different heights, and a yummy-smelling candle to finish the look.

If you are running low on space, Kaitlin suggests using stylish baskets or boxes that match your style to conceal clutter.

Which stylists’ advice and style resonates with you the most? Show us how you styled your workstation by tagging @walkeredisonco on Instagram!