Using Mantle Decorations in Your Mantle-less Home

Missing the classic fireplace look in your home? Don’t worry! You can still use traditional mantle holiday décor for a festive feel in any room. No matter if you are renting an apartment or just city living, you can follow these tips for adding a little cheer without missing out on your favorite wintery touches.  

Utilize a TV Stand  

An entertainment console can provide a cozy spot for eye-catching adornment. Use open shelving on the unit for showcasing holiday figurines, little bottle brush trees, or tufts of fake snow. Even better, place wreaths or rustic lamps behind glass doors for a gingerbread house look. Make your TV stand a centerpiece in your home by hanging garland or stockings on the front or sides. Set the spirit of the season by playing a fireplace video on your TV so your family will feel right at home in your festive living room.  

Incorporate Garland in Any Room 

There are so many beautiful garlands available at local craft stores, small businesses, and onlineand you don’t need to have a mantle to display them. Whether you choose a strand of felt balls or a string of greenery, you can brighten any room with their holiday spirit. Choose your favorite to hang over the side of a countertop in the kitchen, on the bannister of your stairs, or over the doorway to your dining area or living room. For a simpler look, place garland around a piece of art, a photo, or a window. Guests will definitely feel some seasonal cheer with the ambiance created by pine boughs or strings of beads 

Get Creative with Your Stockings  

A staple of many holiday celebrations, stockings are a great way to display your unique style. Use a trendy blanket ladder to hang them in a rustic or boho home. Use clothespins and some wire for an easy setup or utilize an open shelf. Find a branch at the local craft store to hang them from for wall decor. No matter how you hang your family’s stockings, they are sure to be a great focal point of your holiday décor.  

Decorate a Coffee or Kitchen Table  

Dreaming of the tall candles or incorporating sparkly ornaments? Try setting them up as a centerpiece to your dining or coffee table, depending on which room needs more cheer. Add some greenery or some shiny gold figurines to complete the look. One perk of using mantle decor on a tabletop is the gorgeous 360 view you can enjoy for the whole season. For more centerpiece ideas, check out our blog post “Holiday Centerpiece Ideas.” 

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