What Outdoor Setup Best Suits your Lifestyle?

It’s time to indulge in the sunshine and the comfort of your own private outdoor sanctuary. Your patioscape doesn’t have to be perfect or fully furnished for you to enjoy it, but it does need to coincide with your lifestyle and personal preferences for it to truly feel like an escape.

Whether your patio furniture has just resurfaced from storage and you can’t wait to arrange your outdoor layout, or your climate allows for backyard hangs year-round and you’re simply looking for fun ways to rearrange your setup, knowing the style and ambience you want your patio to portray will help you achieve optimum backyard bliss.

Poolside Priorities

If lounging by the water or backyard bashes in the splash zone are your thing, you’ll want patio furniture and cushions that are both water-friendly and welcoming to large groups who want to party at your pool.

Opt for water-resistant and weather-proof fabrics for your cushions, like Textilene, which is also fire-retardant and mold-resistant. When setting up poolside furniture, avoid materials like wicker and rattan, as they are not very waterproof and mold or warp easily. However, if you like the look of these boho-inspired materials in your poolside lounge area, PVC rattan pieces will hold up to frequent moisture much better. If it’s a natural aesthetic you’re going for, Acacia wood is a great option with its water-resistant build and fungus-resistant properties, meaning it won’t warp easily.

Lounging by the pool means long hours in the sun. Protect your furniture and your skin with some sort of shade, whether it’s a simple umbrella, a large plant or tree, or a pop-up canopy. Accommodate your dripping guests with an outdoor towel station so pool partiers can dry off on the concrete or grass, and avoid tracking wet footprints into your home. Use an acacia wood side table to house your beach towels, or implement a cubby system where everyone gets their own slot for towels and sunscreen.

Host(ess) with the Mostest

Love gathering around with a group of good friends? Do you constantly corral your family get-togethers into your backyard to keep the party going? Then you need a patio setup that prioritizes entertaining above all else, so you can show off your hosting skills and impeccable patio style.

Dress your patio to impress, and prepare it for your next spur-of-the-moment shindig or classy backyard soiree with lots of seating options. Even if you need to bring in some chairs from indoors, your setup will take on a cool, eclectic feel and offer enough seating for everyone. If you’re in the market for new patio furniture, a sleek modular sofa set is ideal for an entertainment-savvy arrangement because you can reconfigure its individual pieces to cater to any type of social situation.

To appear an expert in all things entertainment, think of unique additions you can implement into the setup, like a fire pit, where the party doesn’t have to end once the daylight fades. Or you could offer a fun outdoor game to occupy any younger audiences that frequent your backyard, like cornhole or basketball. For the adults, perhaps you could style a mobile bar cart to have everyone’s go-to drinks at the ready.

For Fellow Foodies

Nothing better than a backyard barbeque or hors d'oeuvres served outdoors? Luckily, good times are never off the table when you’re prepared with the right patio layout. If you love to brunch out back, then your arrangement needs to revolve around food, convenience, and comfortable seating options.

Start with the framework of your layout first. If you regularly serve your visitors food outdoors, think about what will be convenient for them; a small ice chest to ensure cool drinks are at the ready? A long table for seamless, buffet-style lineups? A large, wooden charcuterie board to elegantly display finger food? An umbrella to keep the sun from beating down on the sandwiches? Little things like metal mesh or plastic food domes can make a big difference, whether it’s to keep insects off the taco Tuesday condiments, or to make sure fruit stays fresh for your weekly backyard picnic.

Ensure your space has adequate seating with an outdoor dining bench or patio dining set, and aim for comfy chairs to accompany the hours of chatting and carefree grazing that’s inevitable in such a welcoming setting. Complement your pretty patio tablescapes with server ware that will withstand the weather and frequent time outdoors.

Solo Sanctuary

Is your own slice of the great outdoors where you like to delve into your latest novel, take a quick nap, or simply chill and soak in the slow moments? If your patio is your own personal retreat, crafting a respite that you genuinely love to find solace in is a priority, and comfort is key.

Opt for patio furniture that you can relax comfortably on, like a cushiony loveseat, chaise lounge, or swinging egg chair. Prefer a bohemian hideaway more than a structured setup? Choose a macrame hammock rather than an outdoor bench to allow the breeze to gently rock you into your afternoon nap.

Throw an area rug into the mix for maximum comfort, so you can rock bare feet when you step into your sanctuary. Accent your chairs, hammock, or chaise lounge with a small side table to hold your book, phone, or drink; or a durable, braided jute pouf to rest your feet while you read, relax, and revel in the beauty of slow living.

A Casual, Ambient Aesthetic

Tend to gravitate toward a sanctuary that’s all about the ambience? Curate a vibey scene fit for socializing or chilling out solo with a couple small upgrades. Transform a blasé backyard into a whimsical oasis with Edison bulb string lights, a mobile firepit, or scented candles to set the mood for sunset hangs or late-night chats. Place that extra speaker you have on a side table and introduce your summer anthem to the scene.

Bare concrete or old tile floors don’t fit the vibe you’re going for? Rather than re-tiling, stencil in a cool pattern as a quick and cost-effective upgrade using only primer, paint, and your choice of stencils!

Don’t focus on furniture too much as mismatched pieces can lend a collective feel to the space. Spend time curating the setup and collect furniture to accent your patio with pieces that fit your personal style. Aim for an eclectic look with a solid wood coffee table, or a thrifted pot for your Bird of Paradise plant. Toss some outdoor-friendly throw pillows into the mix, and voila, you’ve got your very own cool and comfy retreat where you can spend all your summer nights!

Big Ambitions. Itty Bitty Living Space.

Got big plans for an outdoor escape you can look forward to during the summer months, but only have less than 100 square feet to work with? Using the right styling and space management, you can still make your apartment patio, balcony space, or small backyard your own personal getaway.  

Opt for minimalist furniture rather than bulky loveseats or sofas, and make sure it’s comfortable with pillows and cushions. Pair your chairs with a small side table, or a coffee table that offers added storage with a lift-top design or lower shelf. If you’d like to spend your lunch breaks or dinnertimes outdoors, invest in a small, foldable table and chairs that you can easily tuck away if needed.

Ensure that the space speaks your style lingo and decorate with plants, hang a sheer curtain for a hint of privacy, and take advantage of blank spaces by curating a basket wall or a floating shelf display. Upgrade your flooring without ruining your temporary space and install non-permanent vinyl wood, or simply lay down an area rug to add an element of hominess to the small space.

We hope you’re able to style your own outdoor retreat with some of these tips! Does your current setup suit your summertime lifestyle, or does it still need a few tweaks to attain total backyard bliss? Show us your idea of a patio paradise and tag us on Instagram @walkeredisonco!