Where to Travel Based on Your Interior Style

Ever wonder if your flair for interior design stems from a certain corner of the globe? Find out which destination vacation fits your fancy with our guide to travel based on your favorite interior design style!

Boho: Jaipur, India

If you resonate with the eclectic nature of boho interiors, the intricate maximalism and diverse color palette of India’s northwestern pink city will make your wanderer heart happy. Rooted in the lifestyle of a nomadic traveler, bohemian design pairs perfectly with Jaipur’s backpacking scene, where you’re sure to make friends with fellow travelers wherever you stay. Be sure to include a trip to the larger-than-life Hawa Mahal in your itinerary, where your photos of the massive pink palace could be the perfect wall art in your boho-inspired digs. Jaipur also has tons of markets to help you hunt for your next woven rug or tapestry for your space back home!

Cottagecore: Bath, England

If cottagecore design had a headquarters, the small city of Bath in the UK might just be it. Bath features original Georgian architecture, dozens of quaint bookshops, one of the oldest teahouses in the UK, and serene bike paths over centuries-old bridges and cobblestone roads. Enjoy a cottage pie at Sally Lunn’s, climb to the top of Bath Abbey, or plan a day trip to the nearby Cotswolds—streets filled with storybook-worthy cottages accented by the picturesque backdrop of rolling green hills. Like cottagecore interiors, Bath channels the romantic lifestyle that idealizes a simpler life made popular by the rural aesthetic.

Scandi: Copenhagen, Denmark

If you can’t get enough of Scandi design, plan a trip to the source of cozy and comfortable interiors and book a ticket to Denmark’s capital city. While the streets of Copenhagen are sprinkled with brightly colored buildings, Danish interiors focus heavily on hygge, a concept deeply rooted in Scandinavian interior design. Hygge prioritizes comfort and functionality over design, and traditionally features neutral tones, natural textures, and cozy accents. In Copenhagen, you’ll find no shortage of this lifestyle, from the well-worn leather stools of the locals’ favorite coffee shop to the fuzzy, cream-colored rugs that adorn most residents’ flats and houses. During your stay, take a boat tour of the famous canals, enjoy a Danish pastry at one of the many cafés in the city, or take in the panoramic view atop the 17th century Rundetaarn.

Coastal: Bondi Bay, Australia

The white sands and cool, calm interiors of Bondi Bay perfectly reflect the serene color palette, natural textures, and artfully weathered look of coastal design. Cute coffee shops, unique brunch spots, and home goods stores stocked with rattan and seagrass-wrapped pieces offer a beachside haven that’ll quell both your wanderlust and your taste for coastal design. Spend the day at Bondi Beach, check out the iconic Icebergs Club pool by the sea, or head to nearby Sydney for a daytrip. Bonus points if you opt for a rental house near the ocean to scope out some interior inspo for your coastally curated space!

Japandi: Bali, Indonesia

While it may seem counterintuitive to plan a trip to Bali when Japandi design is a mix of Japanese structure and Scandinavian simplicity, Bali is the perfect tropical getaway to set your sights on some of the most beautiful Japandi interiors. The focus on one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health is a priority to most residents in Bali, and it reflects in their functional yet aesthetic spaces that showcase the bare minimum with an artful finesse. Shake hands with a monkey, visit an elephant sanctuary, and taste dozens of unique fruits, all while manifesting a Japandi-inspired wood plank accent wall or unique lighting fixture in your own space.

Art Deco: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It’s no coincidence that The Netherland’s capital city has produced the likes of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh. Home to both classic and contemporary pieces, from The Girl with a Pearl Earring to Composition No. IV with Red, Blue and Yellow, Amsterdam has channeled its iconic art scene into a playful respite for art deco designers everywhere. Restaurants are flamboyantly flavorful, museums feature funky installments, and palace interiors could rival Jay Gatsby’s mansion. Whether you spend your time biking the canal banks, exploring tulip fields, or gorging on delicious stroopwafels, Amsterdam is sure to offer its fair share of artistic expression.

Urban Industrial: Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Singapore is a buzzing metropolis with unique experiences, novelty restaurants, and an energized feel that mirrors the best parts of urban industrial design. Whether your idea of the perfect urban digs is a loft with a view of the nearest skyline or a space that balances masculine materials with soft design elements, Singapore has got all that and more within its busy city streets. After acquiring some inspiration for your next industrial interior project at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, pick up your next read at the impressive Starfield Library, or check out the largest waterfall in the world at Gardens by the Bay.

Minimalism: Arequipa, Peru

Lima may be Peru’s capital city, but Arequipa is its lesser known, yet arguably even more beautiful second-largest metropolis. Known as Peru’s “White City,” most of Arequipa’s restaurants, hotels, and museums showcase the ideal minimalistic layout of volcanic stone foundations, reductive design elements, and simple yet impactful furniture. While you’re there, get up close and personal with some very fluffy friends at Mundo Alpaca, wander around the picturesque, centuries-old walls of Santa Catalina, or put your altitude tolerance to the test and hike Misti, the area’s most famous volcano (don’t worry, it hasn’t erupted since the 15th century!).

Modern Glam: Cairo, Egypt

While home to one of the most ancient civilizations in history, Cairo is also a treasure trove for the maximalist and gilded pieces that modern glam interiors often boast. Like the famous pharaohs of old, you have an appreciation for the finer things in life, starting with your taste for modern glam design. Whether relaxing on chaise lounges is your thing or you’re the fashionable Indiana Jones type, Egypt has got something for every kind of adventurer. Take a tour of the Pyramids of Giza, spot crocodiles while sailing along the Nile River, or stock up on spices or gold jewelry at Cairo’s bazaars.

Mid-Century Modern: Palm Springs, California

As one of the most glamorous retirement communities in the western United States, Palm Springs exhibits no shortage of tastefully dated mid-century modern interiors. Warm wooden furniture, gold accents, and fun pops of color can be found in plenty in this Southern Californian desert gem. With a modern take on a quintessentially 1950’s aesthetic, hotels, restaurants, bars, and poolside hangs resonate with the retro look that makes mid-century modern design an everlasting element within contemporary homes. Book a stay at the Instagrammable Saguaro Palm Springs boutique hotel; take a drive to the hidden gem, Salvation Mountain; or try tacos at Azúcar, a funky, Frida Kahlo-inspired restaurant during your stay.

Rustic: British Columbia, Canada

The rugged coastline of Canada’s western province is the perfect place to pay a visit if your space features raw wood furniture, fuzzy fur accents, and a cozy cabin feel. Rustic homes focus primarily on a natural ruggedness mingled with a relaxing ambiance. As some of North America’s most striking natural beauties, spots like Whistler and the Canadian Rockies will give you all the inspiration you need to create a calm coziness in your home. Incorporate your love of nature-inspired rustic interiors and take your trip to the great outdoors with a whale watch tour, swim at Joffree Lakes, or hike along the beautiful pine-laden trail to Brandywine Falls.

Desert Modern – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The cacti-sprinkled desertscape. The white and peach stucco buildings. The beach-bum lifestyle. White rocks and turquoise waters characterize the barren yet beautiful landscape of Baja California’s southernmost tip as a popular vacation spot, and serves as inspiration for relaxed interiors all over the world. Desert modern design draws its aesthetic from the minimalist aspects of both modern and boho interiors with an unmistakable nod to the shapes, colors, and textures of the desert. Whether you spend your time swimming with whale sharks, sipping piña coladas on the beach, or scouring the city center for the best shrimp tacos, the landscape of Cabo is the perfect muse for the contemporary desert-derived abode of your dreams.


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