Your Guide to a Beautiful Autumn Tablescape

Got a wicked glassware and charcuterie board collection that never sees the light of day, aside from your (very) occasional cheese and beverage-tasting parties you throw every odd month? Your tabletops are the perfect place to show off a beautiful, semi-permanent arrangement of your most-loved fall décor, warm-toned colorsand cozy, cold-weather textures.  

Whether you’re hoping to outdo yourself with last year’s Thanksgiving layout, looking to create a spooky spread of Halloween-themed place settings, or simply want to use your tabletop as an additional space to express your love of all things fall, we’ve got you! With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating the most gorgeous display to grace your dining table since last week’s taco Tuesday 

Go for Gold Flatware 

Gold is the perfect autumn accent color to add sophistication to your dining table set up. Pair your plates and serveware with gold, or gold-accented silverware and serving utensils to complement your array of pumpkins, goblet glasses, and seasonal creams, greens, and oranges. Opting for gold rather than silver flatware will set your spread apart from the norm, so it’ll feel especially festive on your fall tablescape 

Serve with Charcuterie Boards 

Amplify the subtle rustic appeal of your tabletop menagerie by using charcuterie boards as a trendy substitute for traditional serving dishes. While your mashed potatoes and peas will most likely still need to be housed in a serving bowl, breads, cheeses, fruits, and most vegetables served on a wooden charcuterie board will give your tabletop an added taste of class 

Reach for Deep Hues of Non-Traditional Fall Colors 

Don’t be afraid to venture outside the traditional fall color paletteCozy creams, deep browns, burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and black all look great for a classic autumnal spread. However, your autumn spread craves contrast, and including deep shades of green, purple, and blue can enhance the aesthetic of the tablescape by adding pops of contrasted color with napkins, table runner, or dinnerwareIncorporate brooding shades of peacock green, indigo blue, and mulberry purple for fun variant to the traditional go-to colors you usually deck your dining table with come fall.  

Play Up the Rustic Charm 

An understated, rustic vibe is a great way to embrace the aesthetic of an upcoming fall harvest. If rustic décor isn’t your thing, you can simply implement subtle nods to aearthy, fuss-free tablescape by displaying wooden serving bowls or candle holders, and opting for muted tones when choosing tabletop linens.  

Liven Up the Space with Autumn Flora  

Adding some light and airy greenery can be a nice contrast to the dark autumn hues of your seasonal tablespace. Place small bunches of baby’s breath or faux golden aspen leaves in amber glass jars along the table’s centerpiece, or embrace the floral symbol of fall abundance and add yellow chrysanthemums to the scene. Deck your dining area with hints of wildflowers to make you feel as though you’re blazing a mountain trail along to your favorite folksy autumn playlist.  

Add Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables to the Spread 

Although pumpkins scream fall, other fruits and vegetables can evoke just as much autumnal jubilee as our favorite seasonal squashAdd to your tabletop pumpkin display with gourds, shucks of multi-colored corn, pomegranates, or peaches to enhance the fall aesthetic in your dining room or kitchen. 

Play with Textures and Patterns  

There is ample opportunity to experiment with patterns and textures at your dining space. Table runners, napkins, placemats, serveware, dinnerware, glassware, and tabletop décor are all fair game when it comes to changing up the look of your tablescape. Implement earthy textures like clay or ceramic to complement linen and woven textures at the table. Wood accents and serving dishes pair perfectly with jewel-toned velvet or fur fabrics, while metal décor adds contrast to lighter or sheer table runners or napkins 

To test out different designs on the spread, pair a patterned plate with a solid-colored charger, or mix and match the patterns of your napkins and placemats. Whether contrasting or complementary, displaying various textures and patterns can add dimension and a rustic, autumn feel to the layout.  


Mix and Match Candle Sizes and Shapes 

Candles not only set the mood for a cozy fall get-together, but they can totally pull together the look of a beautifully curated tablescape. Generously display an array of hauntingly longtaper candles of varying height on pretty wood or metal candle holdersas well as slim pillar candles housed by clear volcano glass. If you think your tabletop might be missing something before the big family dinner or autumn-themed wine and cheese night with friends, don’t be afraid to add more candles along the spread! 

DIY an Easy Fabric Table Runner 

A simple bolt of cream, burgundy, burnt orange, or sage green chiffon or cotton gauze will supply an understated elegance to your table, and will contrast the metals and glass that make up the focal point of the centerpiece. This creamy fabric invokes a romantic, light, and airy feel, and it’s the perfect last-minute touch to your Halloween, Thanksgiving, or seasonal tablespace. Whether you already have a spare bolt of unused or recycled fabric in your closets, or need to head to the nearest craft store to pick up one of your own, make sure you measure the length of the table before displaying the fabric. Add a couple feet to both ends, so your chiffon or cotton gauze can elegantly hang off the sides of the dining table.  

Let Your Glassware Do the Talking 

The right glassware can make a lasting impression and a bold statement on your tabletop. Hit the thrift store for unique and genuinely antique glassware, or search your storage cupboard for those pretty crystal goblets you haven’t used since many Christmases past. They’ll perfectly complement your understated plates, table settings, and neutral linens, and make you and your guests feel as though they’re dining with Dumbledore in the Great Hall at Hogwarts 

Spread the Love 

Long gone are the days of large, opulent seasonal centerpieces. What’s trending now is a more subtle approach to tablescaping with long displays of curated pieces that add elegance and sophistication to any spread. Instead of clumping your centerpiece at the middle of the dining table, spread it out to nearly match the length of the table runner, sprinkling the fall florals, candles, or pumpkins and gourds throughout the space. Use serving dishes as décor along the tabletop, and decide which of your serveware best complements or adds contrast to the existing layout.   

We’d love to see your ode to autumn across your dining table! Tag Walker Edison on Instagram to show off your impressive seasonal spread!