On Christmas day 2015, Preston’s family got the kind of unimaginable surprise that would change their lives forever. That morning Preston awoke with severe abdominal pain and a swollen stomach. So swollen in fact, that his brother noted that he looked pregnant. After a long day at the hospital, they learned that Preston had a rare and aggressive form of cancer and was rushed to Primary Children’s Hospital for immediate treatment.
With several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, Preston continues to fight the Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor to this day. With a survival rate of just over 15% for this type of cancer, the question for doctors is not if it will return, but when.
Despite these terrible circumstances, Preston’s love for life has not diminished. You can often find Preston cracking jokes and making people laugh. Preston has a particular love for animals and learning more about them. He also can’t get enough of sports, the Denver Broncos and Auburn Tiger are his two favorite football teams. Preston also likes to engage in other hobbies such as break dancing, swimming, and would like to learn martial arts as well, his health allowing.

The greatest thing Preston dreams of is a warm sandy beach, swimming in the ocean, going parasailing and swimming with the dolphins. A place where he and his family can be free from the cares and concerns that his condition brings.
When Preston was referred to Make-A-Wish Utah, he knew exactly what he wanted. Walker Edison partnered up with Make-A-Wish Utah to help throw Preston a party he would never forget; they surprised him with the news that his wish to go to Hawaii would be granted by Make-A-Wish Utah!

​Saturday, May 27, was one for the books. All of Preston’s favorites were enjoyed in preparation for his wish reveal party that evening. Preston spent the afternoon at the Hogle Zoo with his family and friends. He got to feed the rhinos and go behind the scenes to see how the tigers are cared for. He even got to ride in style to the zoo in a Ferrari.

Later at the zoo, Preston was surprised to find a party awaiting him, full of food, entertainment, and another big surprise. After dinner, the MC invited a family friend and Preston’s brother Chandler to do the honors and read a proclamation scroll announcing Preston’s wish to go to Hawaii with his family was granted.

The smile and excitement on Preston’s face was contagious. To celebrate the family’s upcoming trip to Hawaii, the night concluded with a traditional Hawaiian performance with island dancers.
We admire Preston for his strength and energy of character, and give best wishes to him and his family. May they have a well-deserved vacation and rest from cares.