Walker Edison is excited to announce a new Employee Resource Group (ERG) for our LGBTQ+ employees and their allies – WE Pride.

Brad Bonham, Walker Edison CEO, said of this announcement,
“We are excited to announce this new employee resource group that supports our LGBTQ+ employees. Feeling safe, supported, and empowered is paramount to our focus on providing a great place to work.  We love and appreciate all of our colleagues at Walker Edison and look forward to our future success together.”

The mission for our WE Pride ERG is:
WE Pride strives to create a safe space for Walker Edison’s LGBTQ+ employees and their allies while providing them with the resources needed for growth and development. Our group celebrates and furthers Walker Edison’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. ​
6 goals of WE PRIDE

  • Cultivate LGBTQ equity at WE 
  • Affirm LGBTQ identities at WE ​
  • Create a safe space for LGBTQ employees at WE ​
  • Provide professional resources (networking, tools, trainings that support professionalism) for LGBTQ employees and allies at WE ​
  • Advocate on LGBTQ+ and transgender health benefits/policies.​
  • Give Walker Edison a platform be an employer of choice for LGBTQ identities, support Utah LGBTQ+ non-profits, groups, etc.

We are thrilled to have Kayla Thomas as the group’s chair and Alicia Definis as the executive sponsor. Alicia said as part of this announcement,
“At Walker Edison we aspire to be not only the best place to work in Utah but also in the country and beyond. Diversity and inclusion is absolutely essential to our success on that journey. My vision is for Walker Edison to be a place where differences are not tolerated but celebrated and where every individual feels comfortable and empowered to be their most authentic self. I encourage everyone to let their rainbow flags fly as members of the LGBTQ community or as allies!"



Photo by Cecilie Johnsen on Unsplash