Tomorrow is an official holiday for our employees as we look forward to celebrating Juneteenth this Saturday, June 19th. Juneteenth is also known as Freedom Day, Liberation Day, or Emancipation Day and celebrates the emancipation of those who have been enslaved in the United States.
Around this time last year, we realized that as an organization we needed to make a more concentrated effort towards diversity, equity, and inclusion. Since then Walker Edison has:

  •  Joined Utah Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Held a Women's Leadership Summit and formed the Women of Walker Edison employee resource group
  • Partnered with the Women's Leadership Institute and committed to the ElevateHER challenge
  • Supported BIPOC small businesses with employee gifts
  • Celebrated and learned about Chinese New year with employees from our China office
  • Collaborated with Dr. William Smith for Black History Month
  • Hosted weekly events during the month of March focused on women in our community
  • Hosted an event debunking Cinco De Mayo Myths
  • Had training on crucial conversations with Trevor Johnson
  • Supported diverse non-profit organizations during Charity Month in May, donated a total of $33,732
  • In final steps to be certified as a Business Equality Leader by Equality Utah
  • Hired a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Coordinator and implemented process within our recruiting team to help with unconscious bias in hiring 
  • Made a conscious effort to move towards using inclusive language as a company which include pronouns

As we look back on this past year’s progress, we are excited as we envision the impact our continued efforts will be able to make as we continue making strides as an organization.


Graphic from: IIDA Northern California