10 Fall Farmhouse Decor Ideas

It may be hard to believe, but there is a surefire way to make your farmhouse-inspired home feel even more cozy than before: fall decorations. As we wave goodbye to summer and beckon the crisp autumn breeze, transform your space just as the leaves transform the trees. Here are 10 décor ideas to give your home a modern fall farmhouse makeover. 

1. Piles of Pumpkins 

This fall staple is emblematic of the season. When choosing pumpkins to incorporate into a farmhouse environment, look for a variety of shapes and sizes in neutral and muted colors. If real pumpkins are your preference, the dusty blue-green Jarrahdale, pale peachy orange Porcelain Doll, pure white Lumina, or the mysterious black-to-orange Black Futsu are examples of whimsical takes on an old classic. Adding faux pumpkins made of mixed materials also spices up any spread, so keep an eye out for fabric, ceramic, or wood pumpkins in a similar muted color scheme. Group the pumpkins together in artfully haphazard clusters, or even stack them to build a pumpkin pillar. 

2. Dried plants in transparent glass bottles  

Crunchy stalks and scraggly twigs will live on as focal points among your fall décor. Dried wheat, cattails, phalaris grass, and even branches of autumn leaves gain a second wind as a new centerpiece. Slide a few dried plant pieces into transparent, mismatched bottles and jugs in deep shades of brown, amber, or orange glass. The plants’ earthy textures evoke dreams of harvest season, and the richly-colored bottles add a depth and shine to your autumn motif. 

3. Hand-lettered chalkboard with an autumnal statement  

Nothing adds a cozy, handmade touch to a space quite like a hand-lettered chalkboard mounted on your wall or propped up on the mantle. A chalkboard with a reclaimed barnwood frame blends seamlessly with both traditional farmhouse style and natural fall charm. In classic white chalk, consider one bold word in a script or all-caps serif font as the focal point, and accompany it with a short, neat sans-serif phrase of your choice. Think of hand-written signs you might see your local farmer’s market or corn maze for inspiration. 

4. Mini fall harvest “market” 

Spruce up an empty corner or entryway with a cascading fall harvest display. Stacks of reclaimed wood crates and galvanized buckets cradle pumpkins, dried ears of corn, bunches of wheat, even apples. Drape blankets or burlap potato sacks over the edges of the crates, a bench, or an entryway table to add a soft touch of movement. Tie the whole look together with a framed harvest-inspired sign headlining phrases like “Farm Fresh Pumpkins” or “Fresh Autumn Harvest” and one or two ivory-colored pillows sporting a simple word or pattern. 

5. Buffalo check pattern 

When considering patterns to strategically incorporate into a farmhouse home, one bold print will get you far. And what better accent pattern for fall than buffalo check? A splash of big, chunky plaid here and there in the form of a throw pillow, blanket, or table runner lends the space a woodsy cabin feel. You can even try your hand at painting your own DIY buffalo check pumpkins! When you pick your perfect plaid, stick with earth tones and neutrals, like black, white, and rusty orange. 

6. Lanterns

As the days get shorter and nights greet us sooner, lanterns warm up any space with a pleasant hint of ambient light. Even when they are not lit, they can’t help but spark visions of the cozy evening to come. Metal lantern frames are perfect in both indoor and outdoor environments, so try putting these lanterns on your front porch, dining table, or even a staircase. For an extra dash of seasonal charm, adorn the lantern with autumn berry sprays or leaves. Try LED faux candles for a safe and long-lasting alternative to traditional flames. 

7. Chrysanthemums 

While the other flowers prepare for hibernation, chrysanthemums are just starting to strut their stuff. Also known as “mums,” this fall flower starts to bloom in late summer and early fall. Mums come in a vast variety of colors, including deep red, yellow, orange, or even a mixture—perfect for a fall front porch or table scape. A few dense cushions of chrysanthemums add a vibrant pop of color into your otherwise muted color palette. For an extra farmhouse kick, pot the flowers in rustic buckets, harvest baskets, or large white ceramic pots.

8. Unfinished wood cuts

Before you throw out those old tree stumps and branches, snag a few cross sections to repurpose as home décor. Unfinished slices of wood such as the pale birch or rugged pine can be reinvented as coasters, candleholders, or pedestals for mums or pumpkins. Even stack and group them to be decorations of their own. A simple piece of wood is now a solid addition to any rustic spread. 

9. Fall wreath

Welcome home your friends and family with an enchanting fall wreath. Let nature be your guide as you pick or craft this front door halo. Choose an all-wheat wreath as a simple statement of the season, or tuck in some twigs, berry sprays, cotton branches, even ears of corn to add a little variety. If you’re looking for a gentle touch of green, consider filling the wreath with eucalyptus or dusty miller. 

10. Table centerpiece

Whether you like it compact or sprawling, a table centerpiece will draw in a crowd and can be a great accent to your kitchen or dining room. This is where decorative elements come together freely to form one cohesive bunch. A buffalo check table runner sets the stage. Top it with small pumpkins, glass jars filled with dried grasses, or even lanterns. To complete the presentation, fill empty space with dusty miller or other greenery of choice. Drive home the classic dining experience by proudly displaying a few candles on sticks, pedestals, or unfinished wood cross sections. 

 There you have it, a bushelful of fall farmhouse décor ideas to ring in sweater season. We want to see your autumn decorations! Tag Walker Edison to show us how you weave these ideas into your home.