How to Decorate your Kitchen for Fall

Something wicked this way comes, and we think it could be your cozy autumn kitchen décor that will have your guests swooning over your impeccable tasteIf the kitchen is the heart of your home, then it’s time to get your family’s favorite space ready for the fall months. Whether you sway toward minimalist décor that subtly incorporates warm fall hues, or you prefer to show off your autumn style with cobwebs and fangs, we’ll provide some ideas that you can really sink your teeth into😉 

Pick Your Palette 

Fall vibes are really all about colorsWhen we think autumnhues like burnt orange, mustard yellow, creamy off-white, and even black come to mind. To create a kitchen you’ll want to spend all your time in this fall, decide whether your color palette is neutral, minimal, traditional, or earthy and rustic. If you gravitate towards light, monochromatic styles, you’ll want to keep whites, creams, and beige décor handy. If your style leans toward a more rustic charm, then browns, deep oranges, beiges, and black accents are your best friend. If you love all the traditional colors of fall, then keep dark greens, burnt oranges, deep yellows, and dark red decor close.  

Maximize Tabletop Realty  

The counter tops and dining table are the best realty in your kitchen to make use of! Arrange a Lazy Susan with a basket of red apples, or a cluster of pumpkins and colorful gourds, and a bundle of dried wheat grass to make your counter top décor the center of all things fall. 

Incorporate warm tones with gold or bronze candles, or woven baskets filled with white and light orange pumpkins. If you’re after a more rustic vibe, fill a couple glass jars with tiny pine cones as the centerpiece of your dining table or counter top displayGet creative and place small pumpkins on wooden pillar candle holders, or make double-use of your favorite wooden cutting boards and display them as the rustic base to your tabletop décor. 

Note to Self: No Such Thing as Too Many Pumpkins 

Create a gourd-geous display of the most festive vegetable throughout your kitchen. Use your surface spaces to arrange pumpkins of varying sizes and colors, whether they’re real, felt, or glass. Come autumn time, there’s no such thing as too many pumpkins – so pile them on your countertops, dining table, aneven at your doorways. Fill a long wooden decorative tray with miniature pumpkins to add the ultimate fall-inspired statement piece to your dining table’s centerpiece.  

Pumpkins look great in clusters of different sizes and shades, so once you’ve decided what your autumn style and color palette will be in your kitchen, pick pumpkins according to your preferenceFor example, neutral decorators will love warm-toned pumpkins, while minimalists gravitate more towards more monochromatic, all-white pumpkin display. Either way, accumulating a pumpkin collection on your dining table or counter tops will be the most festive call to fall in your whole kitchen.  

Lay Out Permanent Place Settings 

Invite autumn to a permanent place at your dining table with festive place settings that you can leave up all seasonA formal dining room that’s not frequently used is the perfect backdrop for some of your most creative autumn décor ideas.  

In September and October, stage a fun Halloween place setting complete with antique-looking stemware, spiderweb napkin rings, and perhaps a guest skeleton or two in the dining chairs. Or, easily transition the dining table into a dreamy autumn-inspired tablescape with an autumnal table runner, woven placemats, gold chargers, checkered napkins, and a mini pumpkin or dried wheat grass center 

Get Extra Cozy with Candles 

Play up the fall vibes – and scents – wherever you can! The kitchen is the perfect space to fill with autumn’s most nostalgic smells, like pumpkin spice and apple cinnamonWhether you’ve always wanted to create the infamous Hocus Pocus black flame candle display on your countertop, or prefer a neutral array of gold, tan, and burnt orange candleslighting a flame in the kitchen is the fastest way to surround yourself with the coziest autumn feels.  

Display Flora Galore 

Autumn is the only time of year that dead plants have all the gloryBesides an awesome pumpkin display, dried grasses and faux autumn leaf garlands are the ultimate ode to fall. Drape a garland of maple leaves over your windows, hood vent, or doorway for an instant autumn transformation 

If you’re really feeling festive, take on a simple and creative DIY project and tie a black and white checkered ribbon around the stems of a bundle of dried wheat grass, and hang it upside down for a unique decoration piece over your stove or dining area. If you’re looking for a bold centerpiece statement, place a large display of faux golden aspen leaves in your favorite vase to instantly transform your surface spaces into an autumn sanctuary.  

Not feeling the dried plant theme? Garlands don’t have to be leaves or dried grass to scream fall. Hang a paper bat garland or painted orange and brown stringed beads to give your kitchen a quick and festive fall facelift.  

Express Yourself with Letterboards 

Sometimes it’s best to express our excitement for autumn with rhymes and puns. Display a letterboard that says a quirky autumn-themed message, like “Pumpkin spice, and everything nice” or “If you were a ghost, you’d still be my boo”.  Whether you nestle it into your tabletop display, lean it on a decorative easel, or hang it up by your fridge, a fun fall message is sure to make the autumn season around your kitchen feel much more festive.   


Don’t Dismiss the Details  

Don’t underestimate the power of small details to pack a punch with your kitchen autumn décor. Displaying burnt orange dishtowels, and your pumpkin or cinnamon-scented dish or hand soap can really set the tone for fall throughout your kitchen. Toss some decorative throw pillows on your dining chairs or bar stools, and set out pumpkin-shaped dishware or a bowl of your family’s favorite candy to amp up the feeling of fall in your kitchen.   

We hope you enjoyed our autumn décor tips on how to fall-ify your kitchen and dining area. Tag us if you try out any of these ideas in your kitchen this fall! Now pop some kettle corn, grab your warmest blanket and a mug of apple cider, and cozy up for your much-anticipated fall movie marathon.