11 Unique Ways to Personalize your Holiday Gift Wrap

If one of your favorite ways to kick off the holiday hoopla is with rolls of wrap, boxes of bows, and the prettiest packaging, we’ve got you covered! We’ll show you ten of our favorite unique gift-wrapping ideas that will add some extra personality to your presents, so you can festively DIY your way into the hearts of your friends and family this Christmas 

 1. Letter Beads 

The most personal touch for your package presentation this year is just a couple letteraway with this fun addition to holiday presents. Spell out the giftee’s name, or the lyrics to their favorite Christmas song as you string letter beads onto the gift’s twine or ribbon. Sometimes the best way to express your love for holiday gift giving is simply to spell it out!  

2. Starchy Stamp 

Never thought of using your favorite starchy vegetable as a tool for gift wrap? Creating ultra-customizable paper packaging is as simple as slicing a potato in half and taking a precision knife, or even your favorite holiday-themed cookie cutters to create a festive design. You could even fashion several potato stamps to spell out the letters of the giftee’s name for a fun alternative to a name tag! 

3. Doodles and Designs 

Garnish your gift wrap with personalized messages or doodles this year to offer the most heart-warming gift-receiving experience. Try your hand at calligraphy, or simply doodle seasonal designs on some blank kraft paper with a metallic markerLet let your creative side take flight and turn the once-plain paper wrap into a customized work of art for your loved ones.  

4. Twine  

Rather than go through dozens of un-reusable bows, top off your gift with baker’s or crafting twine and embrace the minimal approach to modern gift givingTwine is also the perfect tool to attach personalized gift tags, greenery, or even a bonus gift, like a Christmas cookie cutterWrap a long string of twine around the gift several times, either horizontal or vertical for a more unique look, and string on some fun Christmas-themed trinkets to make your gift extra special! 

 5. Personalized Gift Tags 

DIY gift tag is an easy way to personalize your gift while honing your crafty side. Whether you hand-write the giftee’s name on a piece of cardstock, or use stamps and ink to convey a Christmas message or design, all you need to turn this little labor of love into a bona fide gift tag is scissors, a whole puncher, and some string!   

6. Greenery  

Nothing sets the mood for holiday festivities like a bundle of seasonal greens! Let heaven and nature sing by replacing the traditional bow or ribbon with sprigs of pine needlesIf live Christmas trees are your thing, you can even snip off a tiny branch from your evergreen and include it as part of your packaging. Opt for kraft paper or white giftwrap to accentuate the greenery against a neutral background.  

 7. Christmas Bits and Bobs 

Amplify your gift-giving festivities by including elements of classic Christmas items, like holly or frosted pinecones as the final touch to your gift’s festive façade. Your giftee will feel a wave of nostalgia from Christmases past as they untie a pair of golden bells, candy canes, or cinnamon sticks before they reveal the gift inside.  

8. Baked Goods 

If yummy treats are how you show holiday cheerdecorated gingerbread or sugar cookies could be the perfect topping to your gift bag or box! They can even be store-bought to save you some time; we won’t tell anyone!  

Pro tip: use thin, dry cookies to ensure that they don’t dampen or ruin the wrapping paper, or crumble at the hole where the string is inserted.  

 9. Decorative Double-Sided Tape 

Channel your most whimsical Christmas wishes with this unique addition to your gift wrap. All you need for this DIY is a roll of double-sided tape, and confetti in a festive shape, like a star, stockings, or Christmas trees.  

You can use a paper punch to create the shapes, or purchase the Christmas confettiand simply lay the desired amount of confetti down on a flat surface. Press a long strand of double-sided tape down on the confetti and repeat on the other side for the most unique holiday ribbon. Whether you decide to create a constellation party with gold stars, or a holly jolly scene with snowflake flurriesthis one-of-a-kind gift wrap is sure to blow the stockings off whoever is lucky enough to unwrap it.  

 10. Dried Citrus 

Start a new trend under the tanenbaum with a subtle pop of color on your seasonal gift wrap. Oven-dried citrus slices are an easy and quick DIY to string onto your wrapping for a unique touch that the giftee is sure to appreciate with their eyes and their nose before unwrapping! 

 11. Sustainable Gift Wrap 

Nothing shows thoughtfulness like an ode to sustainable living. Before you embark on your gifting spree, look around for spare linens or cloths, or invest in a reusable and trendy Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth that your giftee can reuse for their own gift-giving. Top the cloth with a knot, and tuck in a cheerful bunch of pine needles or holly berries to display optimal Christmas spirit.   

We’d love to see how you plan to make spirits bright this Christmas with your unique gift-wrapping techniques! Tag @walkeredisonco on Instagram so we can see your most festive creations.