Holiday Lights in 5 Ways

A few strands of lights can really help you brighten up the place this holiday season—literally! They make great decorations all throughout the winter, and you swear their warm glow makes your heart grow three sizes. Here are five creative ways to use holiday lights as décor inside your home this winter. 

1. Glowing Jars

All you need to capture a little magic this season is a glass container and some lights. So, grab your favorite mason jars, vases, or hurricanes and pack them full of fairy lights. For extra razzle dazzle, add some sheer ribbon to the vessel for a warm glow, ornaments for sparkle and shine, or pinecones for a cozy, natural feel. 

2. Winter wonderland windowsill 

Your windowsill is now the stage for a mystical winter wonderland. Head to the craft store and pick up some polyester fill or cotton batting. Using tape as an anchorpack the fluff onto your windowsill until you have the look of soft, snow-covered hills. Discretely tuck a string of small lights within the scenery, then step back and admire the gentle glow that emanates from your window’s miniature snowy slopes. 

3. Holding up banners 

Lights can be more than just decorations—now they can lend you a helping hand. Take your DIY décor up a notch by using string lights as the hanger for you banners, cards, and photos. Instead of using twine, clip those holiday cards to a strand of twinkling lights, or illuminate your homemade “Happy Holidays” bunting for a show-stopping display.  

4. Dining room canopy 

Envelop your holiday dinners in an enchanting glow by hanging a canopy of string lights above your dining tableYour food spread looks a little more appetizing and your loved ones feel a little more cheerful under the blanket of soft, ambient lightWhile string light canopies are normally reserved for outdoor summer soirees, using the holiday décor staple with smaller bulb sizes will warm up your indoor space without overwhelming it. 

5. Wrap branches in lights 

When it’s too cold to enjoy the lights outside, we can bring the outside to us. Wrapping branches in twinkling lights is a great way to make nature sparkle in the comfort of your own home. Branches can be neatly arranged in tall vases or artistically leaned against corners to evoke a glittering forest. Add some tinsel and ornaments, and the encrusted branches transform into a great Christmas tree alternative for people with small budgets or small spaces. 

Did these ideas make a lightbulb go off in your head? Tag Walker Edison on social media to show us the creative ways you use lights in your winter décor!