Rental-Friendly Holiday Décor

Decorating in a rental space can take some creative work-arounds. Non-destructive and small-space friendly approaches are the key to packing your home with the festive displays that the season demands. With these 10 tips, you can decorate your apartment without sacrificing space or your security deposit.

1. Paper or felt décor

Save yourself from putting nails in the walls with lightweight paper decorations. They also look great on walls or hung from the ceiling, so you can preserve valuable floor space. Simply hang them with string or stick them to surfaces with paint-friendly tape or mounting putty.

Pre-made paper or felt crafts can often be purchased, or you can curate your own vision by picking supplies from a craft store. Even make a day of it and cut out snowflakes, banners, and garland with your friends and family.

2. Electric or virtual fireplace

Your rental may not include a built-in fireplace, but you can still light up the room. Freestanding electric fireplace space heaters emit both cozy warmth and faux flames, and you can take it wherever you want to snuggle up next to its soft glow.

If you can’t spare the room or don’t need the heat, you can stream a video of a fireplace on your TV as you cook tasty holiday treats or play games with family. Usually this footage includes the crackling sounds of a real wood burning fire, so it’s a treat for the eyes and the ears.

3. Christmas tree alternatives

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the season for many people, and it often doesn’t feel complete without a tree. Christmas tree alternatives save floor space and won’t take up much storage room once the season ends.

Spruce up your existing house plants with small ornaments, ribbons, and fairy lights for festive foliage, or craft a flat tree to hang on a blank wall using paper or garland and baubles. And don’t forget the classic mini faux Christmas tree, which can steal the show in the middle of the room as a table centerpiece.

4. Swap in holiday-themed fabrics

Swapping your usual linens in favor of cheery textiles is an innocuous way to surround yourself with seasonal patterns and colors. Holiday versions of your warm bed sheets, plush bath towels, and cozy blankets will have you feeling joy both inside and out. Even consider pillow covers for a space-saving solution that integrates your decorative throw pillows into the mix.

5. Flameless candles

Candles play an important role in many holiday festivities, and flameless candles ensure that you can still celebrate without endangering the people you share a wall with. Electric Hannukah menorahs and Kwanzaa kinaras are a safe way to honor old traditions in new apartments. Flameless pillar candles and tea lights can also be sprinkled throughout your home for a comforting touch wherever you go. 

6. Repurpose holiday cards

Tis this season when mailboxes are crammed with festive cards from your family and friends, wishing you warm holidays and a happy new year. Instead of crowding your refrigerator or tossing them in a drawer, you can incorporate the foiled paper, cursive fonts, and happy faces into your décor. They are flat and lightweight, so they can easily be repurposed into rental-friendly flair. Try creating a wreath or wall tree out of the cards, or even hang them on a door accompanied by some merry ribbon.

7. Wrap it up

An easy way to transform existing elements of your home for the holiday season is to cover square and rectangular objects in gift wrap. Your favorite traditions and color schemes can be boldly represented by covering picture frames and doors in gleaming paper. Finish it off with some ribbon, and you’ve got a larger-than life decoration that takes up no additional room and can be easily removed.

8. Utilize window space

If you want to show off some holiday décor to your neighbors but don’t have a yard or balcony, windows are the canvas for you. Hang anything you want from the window frame, with popular options including ornaments, wreaths, or string lights. Try using solid-colored paper to give the illusion of a winter wonderland silhouette, or stick up fun jellies or vinyl stickers for a whimsical touch.

We want to see the creative ideas you use to decorate your rented apartment or house this holiday season. Tag Walker Edison on social media to share your festive flair!