Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

 ‘Tis the season for beautiful tablescapes and family joined at everyone’s favorite place – next to the food! It’s finally time for the tastiest seasonal spreads, and we want to lend a hand with the next most-important thing to grace your tabletop during the holidays: the centerpiece.

Whether you prefer a minimalist take on your dining table’s crowning glory, or you take a “the more the merrier” approach when decorating for the holidays, these simple tips will help you showcase the expanse of your tabletop and festi-fy your home for the most wonderful time of the year.

Tall Candles

Set a sophisticated mood for your holiday guests by displaying tall, thin candles at the center of your dining table. Nestle them into the length of a garland runner, or place them in modern or contemporary taper holders or candelabra to elevate them even further, creating a classic silhouette for the center of your foodie festivities.

Loose Greenery

The dining table is likely the hub of your home come time for holiday hoopla, so it’s the best spot to display your favorite seasonal flora. Bits of colorful leaves are the perfect accent for any autumnal centerpiece spread, and tufts of freely floating pine stems are sure to make herald angels sing. Add pinecones, whether real or faux, to complement your centerpiece greenery.

Hurricane Glass

Elevate your dining experience with this posh, go-to piece of décor. Hurricane glasses will sophisticate your tabletop space, and you can go as minimal or maximal as you like with them. Fill them with fall flora or pinecones and acorns for a rustic feel, or simply place one or two pillar candle inside for a fuss-free aesthetic. Come Christmastime, you can display your favorite leftover tree ornaments or frosted pinecones inside a large hurricane glass to match the rest of your holiday home décor.

Pretty Food Displays

You don’t necessarily need a traditional centerpiece to bring your tablescape together. Food is already the star of the show during the holiday season, so you might as well embrace it as a pretty centerpiece option. Draw inspiration from your collection of silverware, and decorate the center of your holiday tablescape with your favorite Dutch oven, serving tray, or large charcuterie board. Leave your meat or veggies on a wooden cutting board for an easy centerpiece display.

A Row of Wreaths

Channel classic European Christmas vibes and minimal holiday design all in one place with a row of wreaths at the center of your table. Place a large wreath in the center, flanked by two smaller ones, or display two of the same size to achieve a more uniform, symmetrical look. Fill the blank space in the middle of the wreaths with tall candles or candle holders to set a homey glow flickering across the tablescape.

If you’re going for an ultra-minimal look, displaying a single wreath or bits of loose greenery around candles at the heart of your dining table looks just as beautifully festive as a duo or trio of holiday greens.

Unique Garland

Don a string of wooden beads or dried citrus as a centerpiece accessory to set your tablescape apart from a more traditional holiday scene.

More and more coffee tables, sideboards, and accent cabinets are flaunting strands of wooden or painted beads as a décor accessory lately, and your holiday dining setup should be no exception! They are the easiest way to add a unique yet simple touch to your tabletop.

Decorating with citrus for the holidays may seem like a current Pinterest-inspired trend, but it’s actually a timeless tradition that lays its roots in 14th century European tabletop culture. Whether store-bought or a DIY project, a string of dehydrated oranges will add a pop of color, and bring a classic holiday feel to your seasonal centerpiece spread.

Rustic Accents

Pay homage to a moody holiday cabin ambiance with rustic accents at the center of your tabletop. Use raw-cut, reclaimed wood trivets as hot plates or candle bases for your centerpiece to enhance the cozy vibes at the dinner table. Or, place all of your greenery and holiday tabletop décor on a wooden tray to add just a touch of rustic décor to your holiday centerpiece display.

DIY Floral Display

A stunning floral display at the center of your holiday-inspired spread easily creates an inviting, seemingly put-together dining top space. But floral arrangements can be pricey, and creating your own display isn’t as hard as it seems. Whether you buy real or faux flowers and greenery, with a little inspiration and effort on your part, your floral centerpiece is as easy as sticking stems into your favorite vase or foam brick.

Pro tip: using chicken wire or tape will help guide your live or faux stems where you’d like them to go, and keep them perky throughout their tabletop debut.

We’d love to see how you styled your centerpiece for your next soiree this holiday season! Tag @walkeredisonco on Instagram so we can see which of these tips you rocked in your space!