10 Ways to Incorporate Baskets in your Home

Have you ever wanted to create extra storage space in your home, but don’t want it to look tacky in a plastic bin? Or, do you constantly find random items throughout your home that don’t have a spot to go? That’s when a basket comes to good use. Not only are baskets extremely versatile in providing a place for your things, but they add a bit of texture and style to any room they’re in. We’ve rounded up ten different ways to incorporate baskets into your home to keep things organized while adding style.

 1. In your kitchen to hold your kitchen supplies

You can actually put good use to your counter when you feel it either looks too messy or empty by adding a wicker basket to organize or even showcase your kitchen items, from your wooden spoons to your glass jars full of sugar and flour.


2. In your living room for blankets and pillows

A large basket is ideal beside your couch for extra pillows and throws that you need when relaxing on the couch watching your favorite TV show alone or having a movie night with friends. It’ll prevent your living room from looking frumpy with a collection of blankets sprawled out on your couch and will even look nicer than just having them folded in a corner of your room, as the basket also adds a stylish appeal to the room.

 3. On your coffee table in your family room as a tray

Add decorations on your coffee table in a wicker basket by using it as a tray for plants, books, and even TV remotes so you’ll never lose them in-between the cushions of your couch ever again.

 4. In your bathroom for toiletries

Ideal in smaller bathrooms when space is limited, a basket can keep your things together in a compact space without looking messy. From your Q-tips, hand soap, face towels, makeup, and more, a basket can be used on your bathroom sink counter, next to your tub, on a shelf, or inside a cabinet.

 5. In your bathroom for storing toilet paper

In need of extra room for storing toilet paper and don’t have any closed storage space? A basket does just that, as you can leave it out on the floor right next to the toilet for easy access when you run out.

 6. In your laundry room or mudroom for towels

This can also add a pop of color to your laundry room or mudroom with your colorful towels. Whether reserved for dirty or clean towels, a decorative basket will look cute in any corner of the room. There are actually quite a few different ways you can roll up the towels to look pretty. You can YouTube or even Pinterest it to find ideas!


7. In your mudroom or entryway for shoes on a hall tree

It can be difficult to keep your mudroom or entryway looking tidy, especially when running in and out of the house in a hurry and just grab or leave your things lying around near the door. But, with wire baskets you can easily throw your shoes and bags in each and find them when needed as you can see through the baskets.

 8. On or near your entryway table for decoration

Some entry tables feature a lower shelf, this is the ideal spot for a basket to decorate with. You can add pillows or throws of varying textures, prints, and colors to incorporate in your entryway to liven up and create a welcoming touch to your home.

 9. On your front door as a wreath

Display fresh flowers on your front door inside a small wicker basket, using it as a wreath to welcome guests. It will become a beautiful decoration you’ll love seeing on your door each time you come home or greet guests into your home as flowers have a positive effect.

 10. As a plant holder in any room

Spruce up any room of your home with a plant in a basket instead of in a traditional, dull plant holder. Pick any type of basket that matches or coordinates with your living space or be bold and go for something that’ll stand out in a room, creating a visually appealing element.


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Blog: Becca Porter

Photographer: Lexi Hansen

Writer: Nicole Rodriguez