DIY Front Door Floral Basket Wreath

Create a beautiful front door wreath that displays flowers for a summer update. It’s such an easy DIY project, that’s actually quite relaxing and enjoyable since you get to choose your own color palette and design it how you want, instead of buying just any wreath in store. You get to create a floral arrangement of your choice that way you’ll love seeing it on your front door when you get home. You can even mix it up every now and again with a different arrangement depending on your taste. The wreath gives a texture that is visually appealing paired with the floral arrangement. I made one to show you how easy it is to create! I love how mine ended up looking since the pink flowers contrast so well with the whole design.


Here are the supplies needed and instructions to design your own to showcase on your front door:



- woven basket

- floral tape

- fresh greens

- string or ribbon (this is what I used to hang it from my door)

- fresh or faux flowers

I used two different types of eucalyptus since they will stay looking pretty even when dried, so I can use them again if I want to. I chose three different flowers, with two being neutral, and the other in pink for a pop of color. I recommend picking any flowers at a store that catch your eye. Trader Joe’s is a great place to find fresh flowers.

-(optional) decorative ribbon to tie around basket for added color or design



- Trim your stems

Once you have all the supplies in front of you on a table or floor space, you’ll want to trim the stems of the plants and flowers. Even if they are fake, you want to make sure they’ll fit in the basket according to your vision of the arrangement. You can cut them shorter if needed.


- Make a grid with your floral tape.

Make sure the squares are large enough to fit multiple stems. The grid system is meant to help guide you in organizing the plants and flowers the way you want.


- Start arranging your flowers in the grid starting from the back and moving forward.

Trust your eye. Play around with the stems until they are where you want them to do. You will want the back of your arrangement to be slightly taller than the front.


- Hang on door

Use a thick ribbon or string to hang the floral wreath on your door. 



Blog: Becca Porter