DIY Mangnetic Poster Frame

Most of us have a photo or two lying around in our home that we just haven’t gotten around to hanging up. This photo could be a wonderful reminder of fun times with friends or family, or an art piece from your favorite artist. Whichever kind, the picture gives you a positive emotional response that you could benefit from displaying in your home. I’ve just finished an easy DIY project creating a wall hang perfect for just about any size print. I wanted to share with you all on how I made one, so you can have that photo up in any room of your home. It’s crafted with wood, so it’s both inexpensive and can easily be combined with your current home décor.

Here’s the DIY Magnetic Poster Frame instructions and the supplies needed --


  • Your own print
  • Wood
  • Hand saw
  • String
  • Eye hooks
  • Small strong magnets
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain

Step 1: Saw your wood into 4 even pieces. If you know what artwork you are wanting to hang, measure it and make the wood slightly longer. If you have an 18"x20" photo and you are hanging the photo by the 18" side make your wood pieces 19" to give it a little extra room.

I purchased my wood at Home Depot in the molding isle and they had a saw station where you can cut the pieces yourself. This made it super easy because I did not have a saw at home. Home Depot workers can also help you cut your pieces if you need.

Step 2: Sand all edges and faces of the wood.

Step 3: Stain your wood. Minwax is my go to stain because it always turns out beautiful and lasts forever! Take your stain and make sure it is stirred well. Take a cloth and dip in your stain. Begin staining. Once you have finished all the edges and the face up side of the wood let it dry completely. I did not stain the backside of my wood but you can if you want.

Step 4: Attach your magnets. This is the tricky part because you want to make sure they are lined up and even so they hold your picture in.

Take a pencil and a ruler and find the center (from top to bottom) of your wood piece and draw a line down the center of the long face. Then space out your magnets every 4-5 inches exactly. Make sure the magnets are directly centered from top to bottom and the exact same distance apart from left to right as well. Copy these exact measurements to the rest of your wood pieces. Place gorilla glue on one side of your magnet and press glued side down on wood. Let dry COMPLETELY before using.

Step 5: Take your eye hooks and screw into top of your wood. They should go in the back piece of the top frame.

Step 6: Attach your string and hang your picture! To hang your picture simply place your desired art work between the two wooden slats and the magnets will hold the picture in. Attach the other two pieces of wood to the bottom of the photo and you are done!

There you have it! Your very own picture wall hang. Don’t feel the need to stop there, as you can make more to place in other wall spaces in your home. Or, you can make these for your friends and family for their birthdays or celebrations since it’s a thoughtful present.

Once you’ve created yours, feel free and send a picture tagging us on Instagram @walkeredisonco. There’s a chance we’ll repost it on our Insta!


Blog: Becca Porter

Writer: Nicole Rodriguez