18 Ways to Turn Your Home Into Fall

Fall is hands down, no questions asked, my favorite time of year. The temperature outside is perfect, the Utah mountains are insanely beautiful, and I can officially start wearing sweaters (which are also my favorite). Fall is just all around good!

Typically my house decorations stay the same January-August but once September hits it’s holiday season in my mind and I am ready to get all the decorations out and deck the halls with fall. Decorating for fall is just as fun as Christmas and I have gathered 18 ways to help you turn your home into fall.


    Fall Scents: If I had to pick my number one tip for making your house feel like fall this would be it! Absolutely nothing is more welcoming in a home than a fall scent. There is just something about it that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. My favorite fall scent is Flannel from White Barn (Bath and Body Work’s candle line). It is AMAZING!! If there is one tip you decide to follow from this list let it be this one!

    Add Color: Two words. WARM COLORS! Yellows, oranges, reds, browns, cream, and greens. You can incorporate these with pillows, throws, dinnerware, books, flowers, pumpkins and more! The possibilities are endless with color.

    Candle Light: When you’re home watching a movie, light a candle for some extra light instead of keeping the lamp on. You’ll be amazed at how the ambiance changes and you immediately feel like it’s fall and the holidays are just around the corner.

        Copper & Gold: Fall is all about the warm colors like orange and yellow so why not incorporate the warm gold colors as well? If you’re typically a silver kind of girl you will be amazed at how much this transforms your space to fall.

        Wheat & Cotton: What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you see a big bundle of dried wheat? FALL! Switch out some of your greenery or flowers with wheat or cotton and your home is one step closer to feeling like fall.

          Change your pillows & throw: Add some texture and more importantly some color to your house. Velvet and mud cloth are both great pillow fabrics for fall. For your throw, pack up your thin bright summer blanket and add in a fall color like olive green or pick a thick chunky blanket that is perfect for cool nights.

              Signs: I am a sucker for a good minimalistic sign at my house. I have one for every holiday! I might have a little bit of a problem… but honestly they are the item I get the most compliments on. My favorite website to get signs is crescentelm.com. Click HERE to shop!

                  Lanterns: Along the same lines as candles, these are a great light source. Add some light to your life this fall! Wood or gold/copper metal lanterns are another way to incorporate some fall materials into your house.

                      Plaid: I wear a plaid almost every day in the fall so incorporating it in my house was a no brainer! You can do this with napkins, blankets, pillows, kitchen towels, table runner, or a cute ribbon tied around a pumpkin.

                      Cinnamon sticks: A cute and subtle way to say hello to fall. Decorating is all about the details and this is definitely an important one.

                            Bring wood inside: When I think of fall I think of campfires and when I think of campfires I think of wood. TADA! Bring some nature inside! You can add wood accents like these cute cutting boards or bundle up some logs with string.

                              Macramé: One of my favorite trends right now. Macrame is a great way to mix in some new textures and materials for fall. Replace a piece of art or simply add it to your wall for a sure-fire fall feel.

                              Letter boards: On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love cheesy letter boards. I am a 10 for sure! Pick your favorite saying or switch them out every few weeks to keep you and your friends entertained!

                                Chalkboards: Chalkboards and letter boards go hand in hand. Pick your favorite look and have fun with it!

                                  Pumpkins: Although the most obvious way to decorate they are also some of the most fun! You can put pumpkins anywhere! And when I say anywhere I mean it. Get creative! You can stick to all orange pumpkins, keep in neutral with white and green, and in October let’s get out the jack o lanterns!

                                  Fall treats: I made a goal this year to make a fall recipe once a week starting in September. This is a little excessive for some people but my obsession is real you guys. Start with baking something pumpkin, apple, or with cinnamon for a fall home run! Cobblers and pies are my all time favorite to make in the fall. They are the perfect comfort food!

                                  Apples: Fresh or faux? That is up to you! Adding apples on your kitchen island, in a barrel, or to your front porch décor is a 10/10 in my opinion.

                                  Front porch: Decorating your front porch makes the biggest difference for turning your home into fall. It sets the mood before your guests ever even enter your house. It makes a statement and makes everyone feel welcome. Click HERE to read our entire post on transitioning your front porch throughout the fall months!

                                  We hope this has inspired you to turn your home into fall! Happy fall y'all!



                                  Walker Edison