How to Transition your Porch for Fall

Do you ever get jealous when you go to your friend’s house and notice they have the most adorable front door decorations? They always seem to have a stylish wreath, flower pots in the corner, and a bench for a cute front porch area you wish you had. I’ve never been one to decorate my front door, except for the occasional floral wreath so now is the perfect time to step up my game.

It’s especially fun to decorate for the holidays, since more people will be coming in and out of your house for festive parties and in search for candy. Impress your friends and neighbors, along with being satisfied with yourself by creating your own stylish front porch.

We’ve made it a whole lot easier to transition your front porch without having to change every single thing for fall, from September to November. No drastic changes, just enough to keep things fresh. A few things here, a couple new things there, and taking away a few other things. You’ll discover how easy and fun it is to do this to your own front porch. Here are some useful tips!


September –

This is where you design the base for your front porch. Meaning, most of these items will stay so you don’t need to worry about packing away loads of things once the month is over.

We started with layering rugs. This is definitely our FAVORITE way to add some spunk to the front porch instead of just having a traditional rug. Our large rug in a geometric print can lay the groundwork for every month, so you only need to switch out the top rug. Grab one of your own in a simple print that will match with the color scheme you want for the two months ahead.

We kept it neutral with a black and white rug, while also incorporating more with white and cream pumpkins. I think adding a subtle pop of color takes things to another level, so we went with green pumpkins against the textural straw rug and wood lanterns.

We added straw to the metal milk jug, since metal is such a fall material and transitions easily. Another metal element worth noting is the intricate detailed tops of the lanterns. So chic!


October –

Swap out the straw rug for a Halloween themed one, along with taking out the wreath to add a cutesy sign like the boo one we got. We definitely are crushing on this bold boo sign. Trust me, your friends will be complimenting.

Mix in some orange, as it’s a popular color for the month of October with orange pumpkins. Such an easy find! We also switched the straw out for some cotton in the metal milk jug. Cotton is hands down my favorite fall accent. It is so cute and farmhousy. Who doesn’t love the farmhouse style? It’s such a cozy, country feel.

We added a little extra black to the porch with the welcome mat and threw in a few classy and subtle Halloween statues like the skull and crow. We didn’t want it to scream Halloween but we definitely wanted it to be there. Such a subtle and classy way to update your doorway without it looking childish and tacky.

We switched the lanterns out for black ones to establish the classic orange and black theme.

We keep a candy bowl out the whole month so all of our visitors can have a treat when they come by.


November –

For November, we only swapped out the Halloween style décor. Keeping the orange pumpkins, but taking out the black lanterns and bringing back the original lanterns.

Switching the welcome mat to a festive mat.

Also, taking off the boo signage to this cute antique thankful one. My favorite part of November is the cute alternative we instead of a wreath. I love the metal thankful sign as it’s a great touch and really mixes things up.

Throughout changing our décor, we did wish we had an October mat, but we couldn’t find any at Target since we went looking in July for them so you guys could have inspiration beforehand. We also didn’t have time to order any new ones. Thankfully, a welcome mat works too, but if we could do it over we would find a festive Halloween one. A great source for finding your own door mats is Pinterest. Just search ‘fall door mat’, ‘Halloween door mat’, ‘thanksgiving door mat’, etc. We would also suggest browsing on Etsy! We did find a few cute rugs that we will link below for options!


Doormat 1 - Doormat 2 - Doormat 3

Doormat 4 - Doormat 5 - Doormat 6