How to Decorate Your Home With Books

People have created some unique ways in decorating with books around the house that don’t just involve for reading use. From cutting out the center for storing jewelry to opening up the pages of multiple books and created a headboard. You can too! No need to get your hands dirty with our décor tips, as these do not involve a nail or any glue. We’ve gathered up a few ideas and put them to use to show you how easy it is to add books into your living space. When you have an extra book or two lying around after having read them or if they are your old textbooks, go ahead and find a use for them as a décor piece in any room. Becoming an artistic element in your home, the books will add so much more! So here's our ideas for decorating with stacks of books.


In your home office

  • Add texture – Instead of showcasing your books in the traditional way, with the spine facing front in focus, flop them around to show the pages. This creates a textural element for the room. Pair with cute little succulents on both ends of your books to keep them in place. Use on your computer desk or on a nearby bookshelf.
  • Stack books backwards – Or, if you’d rather have them stacked, go ahead and stack them showing the pages. This way there’s no need to have bookends to keep them in place. Stack a few together and another stack nearby if you have a lot of books to display.

In your entryway

  • Incorporate in your entryway – If you have a hall tree, bench, or console in your entryway, stack a few books on the bench or on the lower shelf for decoration. You can also have the place be a spot for your kids to keep their textbooks or reading books. That way they’ll never forget them on their way out of the door for school in the morning.

In your living room

  • Add color – When your living room seems to be lacking in color, books will easily and simply add just what you need. Stick to a color scheme and go with neutrals to fill in the gaps. For example, we used different shades of blue, with white and cream being our neutrals. Sticking to a color theme helps things look more put together and stylish. We added them throughout the wall hang and on the side table to tie the room altogether.

  • Fill empty space – Sometimes a room is missing something. There’s just too much space on the wall or in a corner. That’s when books come in handy! With our honeycomb inspired wall hang, we filled the empty spaces with books and other décor to keep it from looking bland and to add a beautiful focal point. You can also do this in a corner of the room, such as having a few stacks in a corner next to a large mirror or next to an end table. If your coffee table needs something new, add books there too.

  • Have fun with bookends – To keep your books from falling, use decorative bookends instead of simple ones. Such as a crystal rock to add an eye-catching appeal, an antique jar, small plants in painted vases, candles in beautiful glass jars, etc.



In your bedroom

  • Wrap with string – Tie a ribbon or straw string around a couple of books to add a cute accent to your books. Use a string that contrasts with the color of your books so it can stand out and complement the style. This is an easy way to update the look of your books without having to switch them out or work on a whole other DIY craft project to spruce up a room.

  • Stack candles and plants – For your bedroom, you may want to utilize every space you have. Do this by stacking things on top of the books. Maybe it’s your favorite scented candle, a succulent or plant, or little décor pieces you got on your trip to the coast. Whichever you choose, piling on a few things can look stylish, especially if you don’t use too many objects. I say two or three tops, just so things don’t start looking messy.
  • Stack books to add height – Your vanity, nightstand, or dresser may need an update when it comes to decorating. Easily stack some of your favorite books to add height with your other smaller objects. You may have a jewelry box, a small mirror, your makeup case, and a ballerina figurine on your vanity but everything seems to be the same height and needs something to mix things up. That’s when books can easily do the trick. Stack some of your favorite books in a corner of the table, where you can even use the top to keep some of your makeup on. This not only looks chic, but creates a spot to keep your favorite books in view.


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Blog: Becca Porter

Photographer: Lexie Hansen

Writer: Nicole Rodrigue