5 Ways to Use Our Storage Carts

Storage carts don’t always have to serve one function, if anything they’re meant to be used in various ways to help keep your home more organized. A storage cart’s purpose is to tidy up your space for entertainment purposes, but they can also be used to make your life easier. With caster wheels to roll from room to room, shelves to keep your things, and a stylish design, storage carts are the new trendy and versatile piece everyone should be integrating in their home. Whether in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or outdoor space, we’ve collected a few ideas on how to add a storage cart into your own home for a clean space.


  1. Laundry room

I don’t know one single person who doesn’t struggle with keeping their laundry room organized. The struggle is real. Always closing the door when guests arrive to prevent them from seeing the piles of unwashed clothes thrown around the room. Yes, laundry baskets help with this problem, but a storage cart can too. It can serve as a place to put your folded clothing and then when you need to transfer it to your room, you can easily roll it there. Or, it can be used to keep your extra towels, laundry detergent, stain remover, dryer sheets, clothing iron, and other things you can’t seem to fit on the laundry shelf.


  1. Bathroom

This is becoming more and more popular, especially in city apartments where bathroom storage space is limited. A storage cart can sometimes fit underneath a sink, and if not, in a corner of the room will do. Keep your toilet paper rolls stacked in place so you’ll never run out, your toiletries, from your toothbrush and toothpaste to your hairbrush and beauty items all on a serving cart. It’s also handy to keep your makeup bag on the top shelf to grab on an early morning to do your makeup in front of the bathroom mirror. I can think of about a million functions a storage cart can serve in a bathroom. But, we’ll go on!

  1. Baking storage

We think this is an adorable way to display your baking supplies out in your kitchen. If anything, you should be showing off a bit to friends at how organized your things look and easy for you to bake in a rush. All your things are accessible within reach for making cookies, morning oatmeal, or dinner if placed on the cart. I would suggest making your life easier and taking all of the items you need for a recipe and placing it on the bar cart so you have everything you need close by. Or, you can keep your necessities on the shelves at all times from your sugar, flour, and brown sugar in glass jars to your baking utensils and electronic mixer.

  1. Kitchen storage

Your morning coffee fix is nearby with the help of a storage cart. Keeping your mugs stashed on the shelf below and your coffee machine on top with sugar packets and a muffin or two to grab before you run out the door for work. Or, for the healthier route, keep fruit in a basket on the top shelf and your snacks below. If you need extra storage space in your kitchen, a cart is useful for those extra plates, cups, and silverware.


  1. Gardeners cart or indoor greenhouse

Add plants into your space without forgetting which ones are real or fake in order to keep them alive. Have them all on a storage cart so you can water them whenever needed in one place, which makes it a whole lot easier to do. It’ll liven up your space and look cute in a corner of any room. You can also use the storage cart outdoors to keep your plants or gardening supplies.

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Blog: Becca Porter

Photographer: Lexie Hansen

Writer: Nicole Rodriguez