6 Ways to Incorporate Our Furniture into Your Nursery

Creating your baby’s nursery is exciting! You have endless options and possibilities in designing one of your dreams, as the baby doesn’t have any opinion on what they prefer. It’s in your hands and that’s the fun of it. No need to stress about the minor details, just make sure you have all the essential furniture and add a few décor and you’re done. Don’t overdo it, especially since the baby could care less about what it looks like as it’s for your own benefit. Designing your baby’s room with all the necessary items you need will make things easier when diapers need to be changed and nap time comes. We’ve come up with a list of a few essential pieces to add into your baby’s nursery before your baby arrives or to incorporate if you haven’t already. These pieces are there to make your life easier, by providing storage space and function in style. All of our furniture encompasses a stylish appearance while being versatile in design. Enjoy!



Bookcases are not only for hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms, but for nursery’s too. They become a spot for extra storage space and decoration. You can display books, add bins for storing bibs or toys, and little containers to hold binkies. Decorate by picking stylish containers, bins, and boxes of colors and patterns that match with the whole room. We also added artificial plants on a shelf to give the room extra life. Our bookshelf is like a ladder, with smaller space at the top and larger space at the bottom for a variety of things. Shop Ladder Shelf here.


Side tables

Incorporate a side table next to your rocking chair. This will come in handy when you need to set anything down that can’t go on the floor. Moms spend a lot of time in rocking chairs, so it’s nice to have a table to put things on, like a lamp, drink of water, reading book, or glasses. Our side table is glam in style with a glossy, faux marble table top and x-shaped gold painted metal base. It’s simple enough to not take up much space, but also have use in a fashionable finish. Shop Alissa SideTable here and Olivia Nightstand here.


Storage cart

Having all of your things in a nearby area is ideal for easy access when changing diapers at the changing table. The last thing you need is a mess when you step away to grab something real quick across the room. That could be a disaster and easily avoided. Use a serving cart that features wheels to place baby wipes, powders, extra diapers, and anything else you may need. You can also use one of the shelves for storing extra stuffed animals or swaddling blankets. This serving cart has many functions, as it can also be used in a bathroom or kitchen for toiletries or kitchenware. In the compact design, it doesn’t take up much room and can be wheeled into a corner when needed. Shop London Storage Cart here.



Any dresser can convert into a changing table with the simple addition of a changing pad. No need to spend extra money on a changing table that cannot be detached and reused for when your baby grows. When not being used, you can decorate the top with cute little knick knacks and things. The sole purpose of a dresser or console is to store things, from clothing to blankets and pillows. Keeping items hidden can clean up the room and prevent clutter and chaos. Our mid century modern dresser (shop here) in a white finish features side drawers and a cabinet for storing things of all shapes and sizes, with our other modern dresser in a gorgeous two-tone design to make a statement and create six deep storage drawers for keeping almost everything in. The six-drawer dresser (shop here) is extra useful when you lack a closet in your baby’s nursery, since it provides plenty of space.


Another major important furniture piece is a crib. A simple crib makes it easy to decorate with as you can style however you want to since it blends with your vision. You may think a crib is a big investment, but it can be used for future kids that you may have or given to a local charity shop.


For Decoration:



Mirrors not only add a stylish appearance to the room as decoration, but add light and create the illusion of more space, making a room appear larger. We love adding our mirrors on the wall above cribs since it looks extra cute there by creating a focal point at the crib where your baby sleeps. We have a unique geometric one with gold accents that pops out from the wall for added dimension. (shop here) The other one is classy, with a bird’s nest inspired framing of intertwined metal. (shop here) Once your baby grows up, you can incorporate these mirrors into your own room, the living room, kitchen, or entryway as wall mirrors are always in style.


Pendant lights

Add pendant lights into your baby’s nursery to create more light and style. Hanging from the ceiling, they can make some eye-catching objects in a room. Use to highlight a spot of the room, whether above the dresser, rocking chair, or crib. We have some unique pendant lights, such as this black one which has an industrial aesthetic. Shop Pendant here.