20 Multipurpose Furniture Ideas – Walker Edison

Living in a small space can make decorating difficult. Limited floorspace has many of us strategizing what furniture pieces we can fit in our homes. Whether you’re rearranging a bedroom to accommodate a home office setup or dwelling in a studio apartment, functional furniture is here to save the day! We’ve picked out some handy items that can help you maximize the space you have to work with.   

Convertible Ottoman  

Looking to add a little versatility to your living room? A convertible ottoman is a great place to start. These functional pieces start out as a place to kick your feet up after a hard day’s work, but they can offer so much more. Some varieties feature extra storage for blankets and remotes, while other options offer a top that can be flipped upside down to use as a tray for drinks and snacks. Some versions can even be unfolded to create a twin bed for guests!  


Lift-Top Coffee Table 

The perfect storage companion for those of us that work from home, a lift-top coffee table can help you make the most of a small living room. These storage wonders offer space to tuck tech, office supplies, or board games underneath a tabletop that extends to provide a convenient workspace.    


Floating Desk  

Is your office space getting a little crowded? Whatever room you’re working from, a hanging desk will free up plenty of floorspace. These mounted miracles can be hung at different heights to accommodate the sitting worker or those who prefer a standing desktop. Most include shelving as well, so you can house your workplace necessities close by.  


Lap Desk  

The ultimate choice for functional versatility, lap desks are here to fill all your tabletop needs. Their small frames can be easily moved to any room in your home. Take it to the kitchen as a safe spot to house your tablet as you follow a recipe, set it up in a kid’s room as a convenient homework station, or even grab a waterproof version and use it to hold a book and a wine glass in the bath!  


Multifunctional Lamp 

Lighting brings essential warmth to our homes, but it can also take up valuable space. For this reason, we suggest picking out a lamp that offers storage as well. These convenient pieces commonly come in bookshelf and side table varieties, so it’s easy to find one that suits your storage needs. Just be sure to check the weight requirements; each individual shelf tends to have different weight capacities.   


Convertible Seating 

Multipurpose seating is an excellent option for those living in small spaces, especially studio dwellers. If your home has you combining your living room and bedroom, consider seating that you and your guests can lounge on during the day and then expand into a bed when it’s time to rest. The most common option is a futon, but you can find smaller versions as well, like a fold-out armchair that transforms into a twin bed.  


Rolling Storage Bins 

Tap into the storage potential of that empty space under your bed by picking up some rolling storage bins. These convenient containers come in a range of sizes to match the height of your bed. Tuck seasonal items, like Halloween decorations or Christmas dishware, safely beneath your bed so your storage closets have space to house more frequently used items.  


Loft Bed 

Running low on bedroom space? Pick out a loft bed to instantly increase your storage capacity. These handy bedframes come in a few different varieties. If you’re working or studying from your room, consider a loft bed that includes a built-in desk. Or look for a version that includes shelving to house your books and décor. You can fill the space below your bunk with furniture for a place to relax and spend time with friends, or maximize your storage even further by adding extra shelving or storage bins.   


Stackable Bunk Beds 

Perfect for parents, stackable bunk beds offer plenty of versatility for growing families. These useful frames can be stacked as bunk beds, or separated and placed in individual rooms as your young ones and your home grow. There are two and three-bunk builds, so you can be sure to find something that fits your family’s unique needs. 



Another great option for those that work from home, C tables offer a top that swings over your armrest or bedframe to provide an as-needed workplace. Many designs include shelving and drawers that can keep tech and office supplies within arm’s reach. Some options even include wheels, so you can move the table to different rooms in your house as needed.  


Hanging Wardrobe with Mirror 

A hanging wardrobe is a great space saver for the avid accessory collector. These pieces boast slim profiles that can keep your jewelry organized and out of sight behind a mirrored door. A typical hanging wardrobe offers plenty of shelves, hooks, and rods to organize your bedroom or bathroom. 


Nesting Tables 

Any host with the most will appreciate the versatility of a set of nesting tables. The small tables can nestle underneath the big one to save on space, then be brought out to host drinks and snacks when the guests arrive. Or, use the tables in multiple rooms to create a cohesive household look.   


The Hidden Litterbox 

Cat owners know just how much extra space a litterbox can take up in a small home. An easy solution is to disguise it within a piece of furniture for the humans. Whisk-er away that pesky box within a side table or entry bench that’s built to house all that unsightly litter. A hole in the side panel lets your furry friend come and go with ease, and you can still use the top for storage or décor. 


Extended Windowsill 

Make the most of your view by turning your windowsill into a space to eat or study. Grab some floating shelves and hang them along the wall at the height of your windowsill so you have a little extra space for dishes or your laptop. This option is also great for plant collectors; free up the top of your coffee or side table by homing your houseplants here instead! 


Convertible Dining Table  

If you lack the room for a full dining setup, consider a piece that can transform when you need it! The most common options start as a side table or console that can be slid out or unfolded to reveal a roomy dining table. When you’re finished, tuck it back into its smaller form and use it as a spot for remotes or drinks. 


Bar Table Set 

Another great option for food afficionados, bar table sets boast long, slim frames with stools that can be tucked in underneath the tabletop. These minimalist sets are perfect for party hosts who want plenty of space to place drinks and snacks, with versatile seating to boot.  


Drop-Leaf Dining Table 

If you just need a little extra table space for your next family reunion or brunch, treat yourself to a drop-leaf dining table. Keep your dining space unobtrusive for the day-to-day, then simply extend the leaves on either side for extra space when company arrives. Pieces like this can double as a workspace as well, ready to be unfolded for larger craft or work projects. 


Baker’s Rack  

With the popularity of large kitchen gadgets like air fryers and slow cookers, finding storage for all your kitchen appliances can be a daunting task. Place a baker’s rack in a corner of your kitchen or dining area to give yourself a little room to breathe. These useful pieces come in many styles, offering features like shelf space, hooks for pots and pans, magnets for knives, and integrated cutting boards. Look through your kitchen to see what sort of storage you’re lacking, then pick up a rack that caters to you! 


Double Shower Curtain Rod  

If you live with family or roommates, you may find yourself struggling to find a place for the bathroom essentials. A double shower rod offers a spot to hang your shower curtain and your towels. Simply hang your curtain on the back rod, and let it keep your towels dry as they hang out on the rod in front. 


Bathroom Storage Console  

Small bathrooms can wreak havoc on how we organize. Keep everything in one place with some additional bathroom storage. One option is an above-toilet shelf that can keep extra toilet paper and towels within arm’s reach. These useful units preserve your square footage and add invaluable space for necessities. Other consoles offer additional features like built-in hampers or towel hooks, so optimizing your bathroom setup has never been easier. 


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