Our Stylists' Top Bedroom Picks and How to Style Them

Figuring out how you want to style your bedroom can feel like a daunting task. Not sure how to decorate your space? We asked our expert stylists for their tips and tricks, as well as their favorite Walker Edison bedroom pieces.

Meet Priscilla!

Priscilla loves a good modern eclectic styling and likes to keep it simple as well as using sustainable or recycled materials where possible. For Priscilla, natural lighting is the ultimate bedroom must-have, as well as natural elements such as cotton, jute, or plants to establish a space for relaxation.

Priscilla’s top bedroom pick is the King Mid-Century Solid Wood Platform Bed due to its simple design and low profile. Perfect for minimalists, this platform bed is free from a headboard, so you can either make your own or dress it up with an abundance of comfy pillows.

Want a cozy bedroom but limited on precious square footage? Priscilla suggests taking a minimalistic approach by focusing primarily on comfortable bedding, such as a dreamy duvet and plush pillows. Priscilla also recommends lighting a candle or using a dimmer switch to set the tone for a relaxing night. Candles and adjustable lighting take up little to no space—perfect for smaller bedrooms!

Meet Antoinette!

Antoinette gravitates towards modern style. She enjoys experimenting with texture, color, and shape to find unique style choices that work well together. Antoinette believes that a soothing color palette is an essential design element in a bedroom.

Antoinette’s favorite Walker Edison bedroom piece is the versatile Elroy 4-Drawer Chest in English Oak. She would style the chest by placing a catch-all tray on top, with vases in different sizes and shapes that coordinate with your bedroom’s color palette, and an 8”x 8” artwork that’s leaned up against the wall.

When trying to style a small-sized bedroom, Antoinette suggests starting slow and removing the expectation that you must decorate all at once. She advises coming up with a plan for what you want your bedroom to look like, and then making a list of what you need before you go shopping. Antoinette also recommends double and triple-checking your bedroom measurements to avoid purchasing items that are too big for your space.

Meet Ashley!

Ashley leans toward Scandinavian style but likes to bring in other aspects from modern farmhouse or transitional styles. She enjoys spaces that have warm color palettes and materials that add depth to the room. Ashley’s top bedroom tip is to invest in comfy, cozy bedding, whether that be higher-quality bed sheets or a fluffy duvet.

Ashley’s top pick from the Walker Edison bedroom collection is the Solid Wood Spindle Daybed. Ashley believes the daybed packs a punch with its unique spindle detailing, all while remaining versatile for a kid’s room, guest bedroom, or as a sofa! Ashley would pair the piece with a white or black nightstand, throw pillows, and cozy blankets.

Working with a smaller-sized bedroom? Ashley recommends using a light-colored rug, as rugs with bold patterns can make spaces feel smaller. Furniture that is made of glass, such as accent tables, allow for your eyes to see more of the room without being interrupted by opaque furniture. When it comes to staying organized, Ashley suggests using storage bins inside of dressers—she loves to use them for organizing socks!


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