5 Interior Style Trends to Keep an Eye On the Second Half of 2021

June brings sunshine, summertime fun, and the half-year mark of 2021. In January, we forecasted some of the top interior design trends of 2021, and as predicted, non-neutral colors have come back in full force, dark kitchen cabinets are going strong, and comfort still reigns supreme. With half the year nearly behind us, there are new trends that are taking interiors by storm, blasts from the past that are reintroducing themselves, and styles that are not so stylish anymore.

Get a jump on 2022 with these trends that emphasize a more well-rounded interior that’s curated for you, with more personalized elements of fun rather than the pressure to produce a Pinterest-perfect home.  

A 70s and 80s Revival

If you love funky statement pieces, psychedelic shapes, and far-out lounge areas, then you’ll think this emerging interior trend is just groovy, baby. The 40s and 50s Mid-century modern trend seems to be taking a final bow to make room for 70s and 80s interiors to tastefully reintroduce themselves. Sculptural pieces, uniquely-shaped couches, and materials like travertine, terrazzo, and velvet are making themselves at home in modern interiors this year.

Want to hustle your way into the contemporary resurgence of the eras? Keep an eye out for all things wicker, cane, and rattan, which are easy to find in any second-hand shop. Check out estate sales or even your grandparent’s basement for funky, affordable statement pieces like armless cantilever chairs or a large arc floor lamp that you can add to your eclectic collection. Opt for a travertine or marble-topped side table if you want your home to exude just a subtle hint of the golden ages.

Pops of Color

One of the most popular trends to emerge from 2021 was a not-so-subtle break from the neutrals that have been dominating kitchens, bedrooms, and even wardrobes for the last several years. With a younger generation setting the stage for how to personalize your space, pops of color throughout contemporary homes seem as though they’re here to stay.

Paint shades, accent walls, and furniture pieces are all getting a colorful upgrade with muted hues of green, pink, and orange. Get on board with the color craze by choosing your favorite paint pigment or peel-and-stick wallpaper to personalize the once-white space in your bathroom or laundry room. If you don’t want to go quite so big with color in your own home, simply update your dinnerware to a sage green or dark purple. Style your shelves with subtle pops of color, and your home will look the part of an on-trend, contemporary casa with minimal effort.

Neotenic Design

Neotenic-inspired interiors are resurrected from the 80s and on the rise. A stark contrast to clean, uniform lines that accompanied the nothing-but-neutral era, neotenic furniture is all about the curves, showcasing softer lines and unique, bulbous shapes that are full of personality.

Borderline fantastical in form, neotenic furniture and décor takes on an almost childlike creativity that imbues positivity with its soft, inviting appearance. To implement neotenic design in your home, choose décor that boasts a unique or rounded shape that looks like it may be found in a modern art museum. Show off your interior design savvy and display a bold statement piece in your space with a curved-back, armless sitting chair.

Fading Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse has made interiors feel comfy and cozy for some time now, but the homey vibes of rustic accents and X-barn doors will begin to look a bit dated as design inspo takes on a more shapely, contemporary look. While it may be “out of style” to debut weathered wood, shiplap walls, and large steel lighting fixtures, modern comfort has been channeled into new trends that you can embrace to ensure your living room doesn’t sacrifice its welcoming demeanor.

If you’re still feeling farmhouse, you can transition your rustic accents to take on an up-to-date appeal by pairing them with other earthy, organic textures like stone or terracotta. Repurpose the raw wood elements of your farmhouse-inspired home by taking on a minimalistic approach with Japandi, an emerging interior style that plays off a rustic, natural aesthetic in an ultra-contemporary way.

Japandi Fusion

This interior style harmoniously marries the functionality of cozy Scandinavian interiors with the sleek, yet raw minimalism seen in modern Japanese homes. Spaces that implement Japandi use visual appeal to craft a soothing, inviting environment with a less-is-more point of view.

Craft a comfy abode with a nod to Japandi design by focusing on what textures you bring into your space, and curating with a very intentional approach. The style intends to make your home look very elegantly furnished, so choose wisely when it comes to the décor you place on shelves, nightstand, kitchen counter, and so on. Gravitate toward earth tones to exude warmth, and spread pops of muted or moody colors and natural woods wherever you see fit. Choose unique, plush pieces to accurately reflect the comfy retreat you’re creating.


What is your favorite interior trend of 2021 so far? Have you already embraced any of these styles to modernize your space? Show us how you incorporate contemporary design in your home and tag us on Instagram at @walkeredisonco!