7 Big Ideas for Small Apartment Patios

 Apartment living encourages its inhabitants to make the most of limited space, both inside and out. Relaxation on your small balcony will become a big part of your day when you thoughtfully curate your outdoor furnishings to enhance the compact space. Use these seven apartment patio ideas to embellish an urban overlook fit for basking in the fresh air.

  1. Floor It

Sprucing up the platform below your feet adds style without bulk. Interlocking deck tiles are a totally transformative yet harmless way to add texture and pattern to your foundation. Rugs are another low-impact way to add a personal touch to a plain floor. If you can make permanent changes, painting a geometric pattern onto the concrete or laying mosaic tiling is sure to enhance your space from the ground up.

  1. Compact and Alternative Seating

Comfortable seating doesn’t have to come at the expense of floor space with a creative arrangement. Folding tables and chairs can be unfurled during romantic sunset dinners then collapsed and leaned to the side to make room for yoga at sunrise. Sway back and forth in the breeze within a hammock strung from end to end, then unhook one side and drape it in the corner until next time. For a more bohemian approach, simply sprinkle a few cushions across the ground for you and your guests to perch on.

  1. Build Up Instead of Out

Take note from the high-rise building you live in and send your décor upward. Arrange potted plants on a tiered shelf or hang planters from the ceiling so their vines cascade overhead. Weave string lights into a canopy above to illuminate the whole space. Install a hanging chair or bench for both a leisurely swing and a bit of preserved floor space.

  1. Railing Accessories

Each balcony is embraced by a protective railing that you can use to your advantage. However intricate or sleek, old or new, any railing can be the backdrop from which to hang planter boxes filled with fragrant herbs or flowers, balcony table extensions, or wrapped string lights. You can even find hanging cup and tealight holders among the plethora of small-space friendly balcony accessories.

  1. Wall Space

The balcony is an extension of your home, so why not decorate it as such? If a wall is available to you, adorn it with outdoor-safe mosaic art, wall planters, or metal decor. Affix an ivy or vegetable trellis to the perimeter and admire as the previously barren expanse brims with new life.


  1. Privacy Screens

Conceal yourself from the wandering eyes of curious passersby with a privacy screen that not only preserves your alone time but exudes your style. Privacy screens are used to partially or completely obscure the view within your perch and offer peaceful solitude. Opt for bamboo screens for a laid-back and easygoing appearance, intricate latticework panels for a touch of elegance, or thick hanging plants for an organic solution. If you prefer total, opaque privacy, solid fabric screens are the choice for you.

  1. Light the Way

Instantly up your balcony’s cozy factor with lighting that is both decorative and functional. When festivity or relaxation stretches beyond sundown, plug in a meandering rope of string lights that is hung from the awning or wrapped around the railing. Choose one or multiple statement pendants to mount overhead for gentle and chic radiance. To make the transition from day to night simple, connect your lights to an outdoor timer that flicks on just as the sun dives out of view.

Whether you translate these apartment patio ideas to a cozy and tightly packed nest or a sleek and minimalist alcove, they are sure to give your small-space balcony a boost. Snap a pic of these tips in action and tag Walker Edison on social media to show off your balcony’s brilliance.