Cozy Patio Ideas for Any Space

 The afternoon sun gradually warms your skin as you curl up with a book on the balcony, followed by velvety nighttime air draping over your shoulders as friends gather for an evening soiree in the backyard. It is time, once again, to move your patio furniture out of its winter storage and into the limelight. Here are five tips for creating an outdoor sanctuary so cozy you’ll never want to leave.

1. Modular or Foldable Furniture

The foundation of backyard relaxation starts with places to lounge. Modular patio furniture, such as Walker Edison’s 6-Piece Trinidad Modular Sectional, can be freely arranged and rearranged to accommodate everything from sprawling barbecues to intimate chats with friends. Alternatively, foldable wood chairs and tables are especially convenient for small apartment balconies or miniature patios, and they can easily be collapsed and stored to create more room when necessary.

2. Cushions

You’ll be on cloud nine once you incorporate pillowy cushions into your outdoor sanctuary. Seek out patio furniture like Walker Edison’s Hudson 7-Piece Chat Set that comes with seat and backrest cushions, and don’t stop there! Toss some throw pillows into the mix to make every chair snug and comfortable. Even something as simple as adding seat cushions to a metal bistro set will make your furniture look and feel more inviting.

3. Plant Life

Despite being outdoors, balconies, patios, and decks are often cleared of vegetation to make room for pavement and structures. Invite life back into the space with an abundance of plants and flowers. You can surround yourself with lush flora from all angles with hanging basket planters, railing box planters, or potted greenery sprinkled across the ground.

4. A Light Shade

Sun bathe without the sunburn with the help of some soft shading. When the afternoon heat steadily climbs, pull some thin, fluttery fabric curtains around your pad. The buoyant fabric shields the area from direct sunlight while still allowing warmth to seep through for optimal basking. Even when the drapes are pushed aside or tied off, enjoy the serenity they offer when a light breeze comes through to lazily animate them.

5. String Lights

Strands of warm light escort you into the evenings, so the revelry doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Wrap string lights around railings or hang them in a zig-zagging canopy overhead to bathe your space in an ambient aura. Look for frosted bulbs for an even softer glow, or opt for Edison bulbs for an eclectic, boho influence.

How do you make your patio, balcony, or deck into a spring and summer haven? Share your outdoor space’s cozy qualities with Walker Edison by tagging us on social media!