7 Fall Interior Design Textures that will Instantly Cozy Up Your Home

As the weather gets colder, we want to make our homes even cozier. But where do we begin? Trying to come up with the best decorations can seem overwhelming. However, budding interior decorators can look for textures and fabrics that work well with your style. Here are seven different fabrics and patterns that you can use to smartly strategize how you will cozy up your home year after year, without ever going out of style.

Cable Knit

Amplify your couch or reading nook with a texture that reminds you of your favorite sweater. Use a cable knit throw blanket that not only looks cozy but feels luxurious for those perfect nights in. The 3D texture of cable knit transforms a room from ordinary to autumnal sophistication. Cable knit blankets and pillows often come in many different colors, leaving you with enough options to tie in other aspects of your home. As your wrap yourself up in a cable knit blanket, you can watch the leaves change while sipping your favorite drink. Guests will also get an immediate sense of sanctuary as they spot an inviting cable knit blanket or pillow.


Velvet is smooth to the touch, elegant in style, and is known for its high-end reputation. Whether it be bedding, cushioned chairs, or luxurious pillows, velvet can be used in many versatile locations of the home. Use velvet in black, rust, mustard, and emerald green to bring classic autumnal colors to cultivate a festive space. Incorporating velvet into your home will make it easy to host your holiday gatherings in seasonal yet extravagant style. Velvet corresponds well with modern, contemporary, and glam homes. With its refined and majestic aesthetic, is it any wonder that velvet is used to create stunning cloaks for witches and wizards?


Although corduroy is commonly used for pants, it is moving its way into interior design. Corduroy is a unique fabric that has an unmistakable texture, featuring vertical 3D ribs or “wales.” This subtle but impactful texture will add dimension to your space. Corduroy fits in nicely with a mid-century modern home but can act as an accent to many different styles. This textile is a great alternative to velvet, as corduroy is typically more durable and less expensive. Corduroy can be found in upholstered couches, armchairs, and beanbags.


Plaid is a classic, cross-lined pattern that is often exclusively saved for colder seasons. This well-known pattern can be incorporated into many different styles, but plaid accents are the crowning jewels in a farmhouse-style home. Conveniently, plaid is a popular enough pattern that it can be found on a variety of décor items. Create your own wreath with pops of plaid ribbon or place a plaid welcome mat to create an inviting and warm entrance. Warm up your kitchen with a plaid table runner or kitchenware. Plaid is a perfect transitional pattern, as it looks festive for both autumn and winter seasons. With your plaid décor, you won’t have to decorate again until springtime.


Tweed is another woven fabric with high-end prestige. Tweed originated in Scotland during the 18th century, but eventually became a staple fabric for British aristocrats. This warm and insulating fabric can instantly add a cozy vibe to your home. Add hints of tweed throughout your space with table runners, placemats, and upholstered chairs. Tweed comes in many colors and in a plain weave or herringbone

pattern, leaving you plenty of options to achieve cohesion between your decorations and your home. Tweed is the perfect companion for farmhouse and modern-style homes. Although it can be more expensive than other fabrics, tweed is naturally water repellent, durable, and easy to maintain.


Burlap is a common fabric that is an inexpensive alternative to tweed. It has a coarse woven texture, typically made from jute or hemp. Although you can find burlap in different colors, the most common color is its natural brown or tan hue. Burlap can be used to create DIY pumpkins, centerpieces, and banners. Common items such as pre-made pillow covers and table runners can also be purchased in many craft stores and supermarkets. This seasonal fabric will fit right into bohemian, cottage core, Scandinavian, and farmhouse designs.


Wool is the champion textile for bringing warm and snug elements into your home. It has been used to create fabrics, rugs, and various types of home décor. Wool items can be expensive, but you won’t need a lot of this classic material to give your home the cozy edge you’re looking for. Wedge a woven, woolen rug under your couches to warm up the living room. Hang a wool tapestry behind your bed for an extra boost of coziness. Use raw wool to create your own macrame and hang it up in your office. However you adorn your space, wool is a foolproof fabric that effortlessly adds dimension and warmth to any room.


If you have been trying to figure out what your home needs for the colder seasons, one of these seven textures might be the missing piece. Pick which elements you plan on incorporating into your home and get those creative juices flowing. Tag Walker Edison on social media to show us how you used these classic fabrics and patterns into your home.