What Your Childhood Bedroom Says About You

Remember a place where the sheets of your twin bed doubled as the raging waters of the sea? Where the top bunk was the shining beacon of the lookout tower at an old lighthouse, or the turret of your royal castle in an enchanted forest. Whatever your own fantastical world consisted of when you were younger, it usually took place in one spot: your childhood bedroom.

While there’s no concrete proof that the contents of your childhood bedroom translate to who you are as an adult, the way you personalized your tiny sanctuary could very well be the reason you are who you are today! The small details you chose for your room may not mean much to you now, they hint at parts of your personality that have remained throughout your lifetime.



The Treasure Trove

If your bedroom was plush with Polly Pockets or brimming with Bionicles or Barbie dolls, your imaginative skills flourished during playtime. Your time with these toys was your respite from the real world, and your dream life was personified through Barbie, GI Joe, or your American Girl doll.

Perhaps there were elements of your life that you couldn’t control, but every decision right down to the interior design and style preferences of your toy were up to you as the game master. A room filled with toys was a safe haven where you could be anything you wanted for hours on end, and that’s what inspired you to pursue your dreams with more fervor in your life today


The Stargazer

Was your ceiling splattered with stars and planets that glowed in the dark? While this may have just been your parents’ attempt to combat your fear of the dark, it could also mean that you had a fascination with space and worlds beyond our own.

A lot of children associate outer space with aliens, adventure, and maybe even intergalactic battle ships. Astronauts and Jedis are common playtime themes that explore the unknown. Whether your simulation of space was simply a segue into slumber with the help of the night sky, or an inquisitive exploration into the depths of the universe, you had a thirst for knowledge and adventure that only the cosmos could shine a light on.


The Builder

If you designed your fair share of Lego cities in your spare time, or contracted several toy block towers and Lincoln Log cabins in your years of experience, you were inclined to create.

This could mean you’re an extremely detail-oriented person with an appreciation for step-by-step processes. Lego manuals are no easy feat to follow; and if you could build that Death Star or fighter jet alongside the paper pamphlet, you were both studious and inventive. Maybe you’ve just finished designing your dream home, or you love to create in your spare time. Either way, the toys that constantly covered your room were the building blocks of your meticulous and ingenuitive nature


The Adventurer

Did the escapades of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones inspire most of your playtime fun? Or was your space themed around pirates, camping, or globe-trotting? If you were busy scheming make-believe games that centered on you as the protagonist, you were the ultimate adventurer.

Your little sanctuary served as a fantastical world where you could swing on a rope, discover a lost empire, or run from a vengeful T-Rex. Your search for meaningful quests most likely stuck around through the years, and you could very well have a love for eclectic, bohemian décor from around the world, or a wanderlust that’s only quelled by planning your next adventure.


The Zoologist

Find yourself dreaming of the day you’d be able to ride a real horse? Did you accent your bed with stuffed animals and plaster your walls with posters of puppies, dolphins, or kittens? If you were a die-hard fan of furry creatures, you showed early signs of a very caring, nurturing personality.

Whether your room featured zoo animals, farm critters, or marine life, your love for animals translates as a sensitivity to the needs of others before your own. With your kind-hearted and in-tune personality, your space may now emulate your connection with living things. Perhaps you care for a collection of plants, or even an animal of your own.


The Collector

Most adults can think back to their childhood and remember something they collected, some embarrassing and some surprisingly lucrative. Was it Pokémon cards sitting on your dresser? Sock monkeys or Beanie Babies at the end of your bed? Ceramic figurines or porcelain dolls atop your bookcase shelves? Whatever fit your fancy, the characteristics of a collector are that of a reward-oriented, empathetic optimist.

Collections typically evoke an emotional response from the collector. Your childhood collections could have brought a sense of accomplishment and a love for material items that have sentimental value. If you curated a stockpile of memorabilia, you have an appreciation for the time it takes to become an expert at something. Maybe you have your own adult collection of vintage finds, souvenirs, or art in your space now. Or perhaps you simply enjoy reaping the rewards of your latest hobby


The Book Worm

If the likes of Inkheart and Harry Potter were found alongside other timeless classics atop your bookshelves and nightstand, you were probably an avid reader with a soft spot for fictional anecdotes.

You longed for a good tall tale where you could see yourself in the main character’s shoes. Maybe your mom or dad read to you each night, took you on weekly trips to the library, or helped you save up your allowance for something from the annual bookfair. Your love of literature may mean writing is your forte. Sometimes you simply get lost in a page-turner because it brings back memories of story time in your favorite space.


The Fan

Did the faces of your favorite popstars and athletes cover every nook and cranny of your room growing up? Or maybe your space showed support for your sports team? If you were a quintessential superfan of something, you may have been projecting dreams of your future self by plastering posters of the role models you aspired to be or what you hoped to do on your walls.

Naturally, children tend to emulate their inspired fandom, and that’s exemplified in what they choose to display in their space. While who or what you support may have changed since childhood, once a fan always a fan. You probably still show your support to the things you hold dear in different ways, whether that’s a People Magazine on your coffee table, or works of art from your favorite artists scattered throughout your home.


The Color Enthusiast

As we get older, we tend to want to initiate our own interior preferences in our space, and sometimes that meant lots and lots of mix-matched color. Did your childhood bedroom rival the contents of a Crayola box? This may signify that you were an independent soul with a drive to make your own decisions. Color can have everything to do with how you express yourself in your space, and the color mania in your room exemplified that you knew exactly what you wanted, and you weren’t afraid to show it. Your love for different shades has probably stuck around, and your space might have fun pops of color or a bright accent wall that matches your vibrant personality.


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