How to Decorate a Cottagecore Home

Cottagecore has surrounded the world in its gentle embrace and skyrocketed as one of the newest widespread design and lifestyle trends. The bucolic aesthetic rose in popularity through social media, gaining traction in 2020 as more people spent time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It embraces humble coziness, comfort at home, nature, and traditional western agriculture. The home becomes a sanctuary away from the bustle of modern life and romanticizes rural simplicity. Here you'll find five tips for transforming your space into an idyllic countryside getaway.


Soft, Warm Colors

Cottagecore's emphasis on a soothing environment and vintage appearance welcomes a gentle color palette. Faded, neutral, and earthy colors combine for soothing surroundings. White chiffon curtains flutter softly in front of an open window, casting faint shadows on a robin's egg blue ceramic pot. A sage green knit blanket lazily hangs off the back of a rusty orange couch. Each pleasant color can be balanced by deep, warm-toned browns and wood that anchor the space with an earthy richness.

To soften the colors of new fabrics, soak them in a bath of hot coffee or black tea until their stark colors are pleasantly subdued.



Perhaps one of Cottagecore's most defining characteristics is the abundance of nature. Dried flowers are especially treasured for their softened colors and timeworn quality. They can be hung from the ceiling, pinned to a wall, or delicately placed in a jar. Bouquets of fresh handpicked wildflowers revitalize the space around them until they too join the collection of dehydrated florals. Other found items like pinecones or twigs also lend a cozy, foraged appeal.

Make room for plenty of refreshing green houseplants that are suspended from the ceiling, spilling off shelves, or sprawled across the floor. You can even channel your green thumb by cultivating an herb garden in a sunny windowsill. Charming mushrooms and plush moss motifs are also frequently incorporated to evoke the cleansing feel of damp forest floors.

Nature's influence often goes beyond jars and vases, too. Choose fabrics with densely packed micro floral prints for your tablecloths, bedsheets, or pillows. Fill blank wall space with drawings and pieces of embroidery depicting botanicals. Sink your toes into a moss-inspired rug for a creative nod to nature underfoot

Vintage, Mismatched, and Weathered Furniture

Cottagecore's draw toward nostalgia and sustainability makes it the perfect environment for vintage and vintage-inspired furnishings. The result is a patchwork collection of mismatched pieces that find common ground in old-world charm and natural materials, especially wood. Don't be afraid to mix influences from many styles.

Wear-and-tear is welcome in a pastoral home, as it carries gentle signs of an environment's lived-in history. A faded finish on the dining table where plates are always set or a dent on your bookshelf from your first big move just add character. Cottagecore aims to feel casual and informal as opposed to sleek and calculated, so embrace any weathered patches that tell a story. If you're worried about brand new furniture sticking out like a sore thumb, lightly sand or scrape the surface in a few areas for a shortcut to a distressed finish.


Warm Lighting

The gentle flicker of candlelight cast across the pages of a book or curling up in front of a crackling fireplace are some of life's simplest pleasures. Like an old-fashioned cottage after sundown, keep some flames alight in your home to serve as inviting, warm illumination. Spread tapered candles in thrifted candleholders across the dining table, side tables, or dressers for a glow at every turn. For those who enjoy scented candles, choose aromas that you find particularly comforting.

If you live in a rental space where candles are restricted or don't have a fireplace, weave some fairy lights overhead and across furniture for a similar whimsical effect.

Display Creativity

As more than just an interior design trend, the Cottagecore lifestyle has embraced a revival of traditional skills and hobbies, like foraging, wood carving, and knitting. Incorporate this philosophy in your home by displaying a sculpted clay pot or hand-drawn botanical art piece. A library wall full of books not only honors your own interest in reading but celebrates the work of the authors. Cottagecore leaves room for your own hobbies and beckons a showcase of works from friends, creatives, and small businesses to honor the handmade lifestyle. And as a style not known for minimalism, don't be afraid to pack it in! If you enjoy something, put it on display.



If you've been looking for a little extra coziness at home, Cottagecore may hit the spot. Pick and choose from these tips to create a secluded reading nook, a warm dinner tablescape, or a cozy bedroom sanctuary. Tag Walker Edison on social media to show us how you have embraced this new lifestyle trend.