How to Embrace Summer in Your Home Year-Round

Although the summer months are coming to a close, that doesn’t mean your space can’t emulate the feel of easy breezy living that the warm weather brings. Harness the nostalgic comfort of long, carefree days and sun-kissed, salty skin by incorporating some of these subtle touches that will help encapsulate an endless summer within the walls of your home.

Whether you’re team “fall couldn’t come sooner” or part of the “summer could last forever” crew, these tips will give your space an airy refresh that will make it feel cool, calm, and casual.

Calming Color Palette

A calming color palette is the first step to embracing summer in your space year-round. Gravitate toward layers of soothing hues. Neutrals and layered earth tones tend to evoke a casual, summer aesthetic. Try mingling shades like ivory, taupe, sepia, cream, or white with your textiles, textures, and furniture pieces. Opting for lighter woods like birch, elm, pine, or poplar can also contribute to the illusion of a more open and inviting atmosphere.

We know color is trending at the moment, so don’t be afraid to assimilate shades that lend a subtle ode to summer. Shades like salmon, tangerine, ochre, olive green, steel blue, or sage are great summer colors that can adapt to any season.

Au Natural

Summer brings out the natural beauty in all surroundings, and modern interiors are no different. Natural textures bring a versatility that serve as ideal transition pieces and accents for the fall months, yet instill an air of warm summertime bliss. Try styling glass, wood, or clay décor, lamp bases or statement pieces atop shelves and entry tables.

Pay homage to the summer heat and desert-derived beauty by featuring ceramic artisan vases, textured terracotta accents, and sand-colored stoneware throughout your home.

Adapt a Coastal Point of View

You don’t have to spring for knotted rope or anchor décor to embrace the feel of beach-side bliss in your home. There’s a much more subtle way to incorporate a coastal aesthetic within your interiors, and it has everything to do with texture, color, and comfort.

Keep things airy, bright, and reminiscent of bungalow living with the texture-rich statement pieces like a grass-wrapped pitcher, wood beads, palm plants, and rattan serving trays. Incorporate pops of Carolina blue, seafoam green, and turquoise in your dinnerware or décor to create a coastal cottage aesthetic. Finish off your “seaside” respite with comfy pillows and throws that make carefree lounging and movie nights on the couch the retreat you can’t wait to come home to.

Shed a Little Light on the Matter

Capture the perfect golden hour every evening with the right lighting setup in your space. Summer’s secret to sunlit serenity lies within natural lighting, open spaces, and breezy window coverings. Take advantage of natural sunlight to create a warm and inviting space and accentuate your favorite corners.

Choose sheer window coverings with curtains made from materials like chiffon or cotton, or opt for none at all! Naked window frames can look minimal and cool, and it allows your window to be the focal point of the room so your favorite spots have their time in the limelight

Wake Up and Smell the Beachwood

The easiest way to invite summer into your home all year is to summon the scents of the season with candles or room fragrances. Whether you display a clay candle or have an aromatherapy diffuser going, allowing your space to bask in scents like bergamot and cedar will wash the room in a sea of summertime nostalgia.

Balance out musky scents with something sweet like vanilla, or with lighter hints like coconut, lemon, or peach

Easy, Breezy Textiles

Having flowy textiles covering your windows, kitchen table, or couch is a great way to invite summer to stay. Grab some light fabrics for your tabletop, and use oversized linen napkins or a tablecloth to accent your dinner setup. Elect a linen duvet for a minimal look and a coolers night’s sleep, or linen throw pillow covers to keep the summer feels around in your living room.

Create an ultra-breezy laid-back look, and use a gauzy fabric like chiffon or sheer cotton to create a partition in the middle of your living room and kitchen, or separate your side of the room from your roommates’ by hanging the fabric from the ceiling.

Summer, Summer on the Wall

Showcase a constant reminder of the summertime season with serene prints hanging on the wall. Perhaps it’s a black and white photo of a palm tree swaying in the breeze, a pensive surfer calculating his next wave, or the romantic Amalfi coast. Abstract paintings with earthy colors can also enhance the aesthetic of your summery space.

Large prints a little out of your price range? Turn your favorite summer photos into framed artwork! Print and hang your own still of rolling waves at the pier or a cool capture from your family’s camping trip to reminisce for a fraction of the cost of a professional print.

Palms and Pampas

Embrace a full beach bungalow vibe or desertscape and use dried grass as décor. This trendy interior tip isn’t limited to your summer home; pampas grass and dried palms can segue seamlessly alongside fall tones and décor.

Place a bundle of feathery pampas or reed grass in one of your artisan vases for a laid-back look that helps your space’s feng shui go with the flow. Dried palm spears are also a great and cost-effective way to make your home feel subtly summery without changing too much.


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