7 Steps to a Spring Refresh

Glistening droplets of fresh morning dew cling to blades of grass, birds sing blithely outside your window, and flower blossoms peak out from their blanket of soil. Spring has sprung, and the change in seasons invites a change in decoration. As the earth reawakens from its winter slumber, here are seven ways to breathe new life into your home.

This Year’s Color Palette

If you’re tired of the same usual set of pastels, look to this year’s spring Pantone colors. Each year, the Pantone Color Institute designates seasonal colors and an accompanying theme that designers of all sorts look to for inspiration. Spring 2021’s top ten colors evoke “flexibility and reinvention.” In addition to familiar light colors like the serene Cerulean, soothing Green Ash, and cheerful Burnt Coral, we also see less conventional colors like a bright Marigold orange, rich Rust, and vibrant French Blue.

Incorporating the latest set of seasonal colors into your spring decor will help your interior look and feel refreshed each year. An Illuminating yellow accent rug, Raspberry Sorbet floral arrangement, or Mint throw pillow can spark creativity and let our spirits bloom.

Fresh Flora

Nothing symbolizes new life quite like fresh flowers. Stick to tulips and daffodils for classic springtime staples, or shake things up with other superstars like freesias, peonies, or forsythia stems. Bunch the flowers in a clear glass or light-colored ceramic vase to brighten up any room.

Greenery can also be used to fill out floral arrangements or even be the star of the show. Long grass in a miniature trough, leafy wreaths, or baubles covered in artificial moss will ground your space in rich and revitalizing greens.

Lighten Up

Bask in the pleasant warmth and increasingly-long daylight hours by letting sunlight stream freely through your windows. Take a page out of Scandinavian interior design’s book and replace heavier drapes with thin, breezy cotton or linen curtains, or put them away all together and leave the windows bare. If you have blinds, consider raising them all the way up when it’s bright out. Opening the window itself gives you the added bonus of crisp, fresh air.


Candles aren’t just for fall anymore! Bright scents wafting throughout your home are pleasant reminders of the vivid springtime season. Enhance the smell of your flower bouquets, clean laundry, or fresh-cut grass with a comforting flame. Create a candle centerpiece enveloped in a table wreath for a more decorative approach, or discretely place them on their own for a subtle, minimalist vibe.  

Whimsical Hangings

Put a new spin on springtime door decor by using an umbrella or watering can to display flowers. With “April Showers bring May flowers” as your guide, hang a vintage-inspired umbrella to your door by its handle, pack it full of fresh flowers, then secure everything in place with a decorative a ribbon. Place each stem inside a water tube to keep the arrangement fresh for longer! Or, dig out that beat-up tin watering can from the shed and fill it full of blooms for another charming, eclectic door hanger.

Fabric Swap

As the earth thaws out, we can take this opportunity to replace insulating knit blankets and flannel sheets with airy alternatives. Fabrics like linen and cotton are not only more breathable, but also look visually lighter. Swapping in light-weight versions of table cloths, bed sheets, throws, and drapes will add a breezy texture to a space and also help us comfortably adjust to the rising temperatures.


Sage Advice

Whether you live in a small space, enjoy cooking, or simply can’t get enough green, an indoor herb garden is sure to perk up your home. The added verdure freshens up any windowsill, bringing the invigorating outdoors one step closer. Some refreshing indoor favorites include basil, mint, and cilantro. As a new wave of produce begins its harvest and grills make a comeback, the array of herbs at your fingertips will energize many warm-weather meals to come.


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